Thursday, December 1, 2011

There's Only One Way...

The 1% Mindset is always earned, never deserved. Reaching the next level in sport or life means sacrificing along the way, specifically the way we "used" to think. Focusing on Realistic goals or Backup Plans will keep us from achieving what we want. Being realistic and creating a plan, "just in case we fail," sounds smart, but is actually a killer of dreams.

1% is attained by risking what we're most afraid to lose: Our comfort zones. We must be willing to risk utter failure and embarrassment. Our comfort zone is our worst enemy, and does the most damage to our future.

Make a habit of setting daily goals that stretch your comfort levels. Doing this will prove that you're capable of much more than you realize. Self confidence will be enhanced, eventually establishing a deep hunger to continue leaping from that place of safety.

The 1% Mindset is created from our perception of situations. We're constantly faced with a choice to keep stepping towards success or stop and wallow in our short term setbacks. The perceptions of our individual situations will test the commitment of those steps, often making us feel inadequate. Our priority should always be focused on what we're thinking during these moments. Our thoughts propel the rest of the chain...

Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Results

Every result is manifested through this link of events. The beauty of this equation is it never falls apart. It's always in order, and works perfectly. Unfortunately, we often unknowingly skip around, hoping to create desired outcomes without following the proper steps. Everything attained begins with one single thought.

The 1% Mindset is a way of living - a total immersion in the every day process of separating from the majority.


Rettakat said...

Thank you.

This brought me to tears... in a good way. I didn't even see that I gradually slid back into setting "realistic" goals. I didn't even connect that it was a way to stay within my comfort zone. That I was allowing the fears of others and their "reasonable" voices to influence me... I just didn't see it.

So thank you. Right now, here, I am stopping to reassess. I don't want to waste another day being safe and "realistic".

I am printing this out to read until it's burned into my memory!!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Its so easy to fall into the safe mode... especially bc we're surrounded by people who think & talk that way.

Good for you to recognize! Also great reminder for your specific audience.

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