Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Never Too Late!

I was recently reminded that it's never too late to fight for our passions and goals. Too often, I hear, "It's too late, I'm too old, or I should've tried when I was younger." 

Bill Ranson, 44 year old PGA teaching pro laughs at the above excuses. He's made a decision to be a 45 year old rookie on the PGA TOUR, and will film a documentary on his journey to attaining that goal. After speaking with him on the phone for the first time last week, I was totally convinced he will be teeing off with the big boys in the future. Almost daily, I talk with people of all different walks of life (not just athletes) who say they want bigger and better, but rarely do I come across someone who makes me believe they're willing to do whatever it takes. Bill's part of this 1%.

Within five minutes of our conversation, he had me on my feet, pacing back and forth like a caged lion. I wanted to help him right then! I wanted to jump through the phone, get him on the course, and attack every one of his mental game challenges.

All Bill talked about was why he was going to achieve... when he was going to make it... how he was going to succeed. Sure, we mentioned his weaknesses, but only in terms of how he was going to turn them into strengths. This guy is all about possibilities; the 1%! This golf pro from Southern California absolutely knows he will be playing on the PGA TOUR, period.

Stay tuned for Bill's progress through this amazing journey, as I will be updating his steps as we work together.

(On a side note: When Bill receives 1500 followers on Twitter, he's going to play 24 straight hours of golf, in hopes of raising thousands of dollars for the Make A Wish Foundation. Follow him at http://twitter.com/golferbill).

Bill Ranson: Truly 1%, on and off the golf course!!

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