Sunday, February 27, 2011

Become The 1% - Possible Equals Probable

This video was originally directed at golfers, but you don't have to be a golfer to implement it's message into your life. Believe your goals WILL be attained, and you've accomplished half the challenge!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commit, Accept, Go!

Seeing what you want is one thing. Believing you can achieve it is one thing. Totally accepting all possible outcomes IS A WHOLE OTHER THING!!

In order to attain anything in life, we must be 100% committed to our journey, believing we will get there. Unfortunately, many leave out a very important piece to this puzzle: Acceptance! Commitment is impossible without acceptance. Accepting the fact that we can only control the process, allowing the result to simply be, allows us to let go of performance anxiety... making commitment automatic.

Acceptance brings true inner piece, as it washes away the worry of results. "It'll be what it needs to be," I remind myself daily. To fully accept grows confidence and a willingness to commit to all decisions, without hesitation.

Think about a specific time in your life where you worked hard for something, yet never fully accepted the future outcome, good or bad. Did you truly commit and feel peaceful about your process?

There's no better feeling than completely letting go of the anxiety that attaches itself to results. The only way to attain this feeling is acceptance. Commit, accept, go!

Friday, February 18, 2011

1%! Are You Sure?

I spend the majority of my days talking with people who say they want to learn how to separate from the pack, and dominate their specific field. My first question:

"Are you sure?"

Without exception, they all claim immense hunger, passion, and fire to get it done. As always, I grin knowingly, thinking to myself, "We'll soon see."

It's not by accident, I labeled this journey of separation, "1%!" If it was easy, there would be more than one Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods. They each understand the sacrifice and discipline it takes to separate from the pack; become the 1%.

Are you sure you'll do whatever it takes?

Will you sacrifice your old belief system? Can you stare fear in the face, and laugh outloud at it's useless attempt to hold you back? Will you set loftier goals than most would ever dream of setting? Do you need to reach every goal in order to feel successful... or will the climb be your primary source of fulfillment?

Are you sure?

This post isn't meant to sound negative, but it IS focused at your true motivations; your willingness to let go of past self-limitations. Will you turn away from your former self and those who constantly remind you how difficult it will be to reach your goals?

Are you sure about this 1% thing?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Know... Do You?

They ask me how I "know" I'm going to reach my goals? Where's the evidence that it can be done?

I just know! I don't need evidence when I know.

I know, without a single doubt, that my goals will be met. There's no "hope" in my mind. Knowing without evidence to back up my goals is a special kind of commitment, and can't be explained. Most actually think it's crazy to attempt goals unless there's specific evidence to back them up. I don't need evidence because...

I know!

I see the finish line... which ironically can't be finished... only improved. But I see it clear as day. I feel it with an intensity impossible to put in words. I've practiced achieving every single day, from morning to night. It hasn't always gone well, but I've practiced. And still...

I know!

They (the 99%) tell me it's ludicrous to "know" something that hasn't happened yet. They say I should hope, and work off the assumption that if I work hard enough, it "may happen." They repeat daily, "There's no guarantees. Have a backup plan, just in case it doesn't work out." Having this safety net would insure failure. Instead of hoping and creating a backup plan...

I know!

Do you need evidence from the past to give you the courage to move forward? Do you hope or...

Do you know?

Monday, February 7, 2011

When Will This (BLEEP) Disappear?!

I got a call from a student the other day, asking when his negative (bleep) will go away. He was obviously hoping I'd give him an exact date, but all I could tell him was, "IT WON'T!"

The way he'd been approaching his mental game to date was working hard on his physical skills. His thinking: Strong physical = strong mental. Sure, he'll add a bit of confidence by improving his physical game, but it will be short-lived, with nothing to glue his long term game together.

He's a college golfer, but we don't have to be athletes to live the following advice: Changing anything means creating new habits... period! If we wait for the change to magically appear, we'll be waiting forever. We all know this fact, intellectually, yet most of us still tend to sit and hope for the new to appear.

If we want to make it happen... then go make it happen! Create a specific plan, take massive action, and create results. Even if the outcome isn't exactly what we want, at least we got off our butts and did something about it.

Undesired results are better than no results, and pull us nearer to our goals! The most successful people understand that failing draws them closer to the solution. This "failure" is only short term, and is necessary to fully understand what's needed for long term success.

Make it happen, even if IT doesn't turn out exactly how you planned. Eventually, it will.