Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Never Know!

Life is about mindset, how you view things, and what you choose to ... (fill in the blank). The greatest news anyone can ever hear is, "we get to choose!" We can believe, or not believe... it's up to us.

Recently, at the local grocery store, I found myself speechless (and for me, this rarely happens). While shopping for some sort of drink, I noticed a woman trying to reach something that was obviously too high for her... but no one would help her. She looked homeless, or at the very least, in desperate need of clean clothes. Since everyone was walking by, as if they were "too good" to help her, I walked over and offered my assistance ~ why isn't this obvious for more of us? 

After I handed her the bottle she was struggling to reach at the very top shelf, she looked at me with the softest, kindest eyes I've ever seen, gave me a hug, and in a thick Scottish accent, whispered something in my ear that will stay with me forever...

"I'm here to share the news ~ good deeds are prayers with wings. Keep giving, my new friend."

Chills instantly shot through my body. She had something about her ~ something that was unexplainable. You may say I just ran into a nice, older lady... but I think there may have been more than meets the eye.

I'm not saying I know, because I don't know... but you never know!

A few winters ago, my wife and I were driving home from a long road trip late at night, and during a huge rain storm. Winters in Southern California aren't a big deal, but sometimes it does get below freezing ~ this was one of those times.

The entire way home, I was feeling really nervous for some reason, and kept asking for protection from "whoever was watching." I've driven in heavy rain before, but this night was different~ the road was crowded, and cars were flying down the freeway. In Southern Cali., people don't have a clue how to drive in the rain. 

30 minutes from home, I got extremely sleepy but didn't think I needed to stop. I've never been tired enough to stop before and we were almost home... so I was going try to make it. Liane kept asking me if I was sure I could make it without falling asleep. I assured her I could do it. I wouldn't put our lives in danger in order to save a few minutes. She continued to ask, though, as if she didn't trust me. There was one more exit to pull off and rest before we would hit a long stretch of freeway, with nowhere to stop. One last time (about 100 yards from the exit), she asked again if I needed to rest. I told her... ONE MORE TIME... that I was fine, and was going to drive home. By this time, the temperature had dropped below freezing, and was raining harder than ever.

As we were about to pass the off ramp, my car began to pull off the freeway. This of course happened very quickly, but remember I didn't want to stop, so it felt like we were in slow motion. Yes, my hands were physically turning the steering wheel to the right and off the road, but my mind wasn't. I didn't want to pull over, so obviously I wondered why I just did. Before I knew it, I had taken the last exit off the freeway. How did that just happen? Since I got off, I decided to find a gas station, and take a 20 minute nap. 

As we got back on the freeway going home, we notice something crazy had happened: At least 20 cars had spun off the road into ditches and were flipped over on their sides. Come to find out, immediately after the last exit that "I" decided to pull off, all the cars hit a huge patch of black ice, creating a 20 car pile-up... I was spared. 

I'm not saying I know, because I don't know... but you never know!


plainolebob said...

Coach Dayne,
I believe it was no accident, and glad you are here.

Anonymous said...

im glad you and your family are safe.
Thank you for helping the elder, so few care, as you see.

Critical+Technical said...

Moments like these make me stop and reflect on how amazing God's power is.
There are angels everywhere!

Rispa Frances said...

Statistically, most accidents happen close to home. I think it is kind of when one reaches familiar territory, you drop your guard. You think you know where you are, you think you are safe, you proceed on autopilot. Thank heavens someone? made you stop!

My Own Two Feet said...

I got chills reading those. I think that when one is in tune with themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually they are more open to the gifts of whatever faith or diety or karmic or anything.. that they believe in.

You, my friend, are the bee's knees.

Sandra said...

I believe we all have inner guidance but sometimes we don't hear it. Obviously you (and your wife) were tuned in that evening. There are no accidents...?
Mathy,Techy, Artsy Fartsy

Jayne said...

Wonderful stories to share. No, we don't ever really know, do we? :c)

Sandra said...

Dayne, Go to my blog. You are in it today. Enjoy the day.
Mathy, Techy Artsy Fartsy sends love.

Charlene said...

When you have the need, you will know. Believe it!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I think you do know -- but you are resisting being able to just say "I know". I used to say that...but now? I simply know. Angels walk among us all the time. There is a providence higher than us that guides us, even when we resist. Think about it -- you had been asking all along on that rainy road trip...to whoever it was that listens to these things to give you protection. Then when protection was at hand, you wanted to fight it!!! In the end, someone else knew what was best for you and was going to give you that protection whether you liked it or not. So really, you do know! :)

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

the thing in the supermarket has happened to me on more than one occasion and it's sad that people sometimes don't take just 10 seconds to spare someone a moment of their time.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing it! These are things we all need to be reminded of. I really enjoy your blog! I can honestly say, situations like the two mentioned in your post have happened to me....and yes, there are angels among us. I know!

Stages of Change said...

Both very cool tales.

Very nice blog man, love all of what you have to say.

I look forward to continue to grow and get healthy, etc, and look forward to reading your blog along the way.

Thanks for the support.


wow - thank to math lady for point me in your direction. read every word and loved it all.

spldbch said...

Wow -- your stories (both of them) gave me chills!

Calli said...

These two stories are amazing and beautiful, Dayne! I absolutely got chills reading them. I think you do know. We know when we resonate inside with what happened and you just know.

I have had similar occurrences that are so much like both of your stories, particularly the one with the woman in the grocery store. They shock us by saying something so profound and the chills just come. My darling friend Max whose 81 now, said things to me that I don't even think he was aware of saying. Things that I hold dear and made me aware of a direction I needed to take and his words gave me the confidence to take that direction.

I love when this stuff happens! Just love hearing these stories!

Happy week, Dayne ~ thanks for sharing!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Dayne: Interesting post. I think we all have experiences that leave big question marks in our mind. There certainly has to be more than we are aware of - and we need to keep our minds open to it.

I just have a problem with minds that think "everything", large and small, that happens to them is special, meant-to-be, a sign, an intervention - I see that as a form of grandiosity and narcissism that helps them from facing the harsh realities of life on this planet.

Provocative post Dayne. And thank you for helping that woman. Not sure I believe in angels but it dawns on me that some might think you were in the angelic role.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thank you all for such kind words.

I wrote this because, well... I don't know why, actually. I'm constantly thinking about choices, mindsets, and beliefs we all have and what we do with them. This just came to mind.

I've had quite a bit of these situations happen to me, yet haven't told many people about them. I think my wife is really the only person I've gone into details with~ probably because she has the same belief system.

Most would say the older woman in the grocery store was just a kind, older woman. Sure, I don't KNOW... but I sure do believe there was more to it than that.

Turning off the freeway right before a pile-up would be explained simply by saying I did it because I was tired... no other reason! Sure, I don't KNOW... but I definitely do believe there was more to it than that.

Thanks again!

Symbols said...

You inspired me to share a poem called "Poor Little Tea"

It comes from the sky
drips into our oceans,
Into our food, into our stomachs,
Whether as tea, ice or mist it is all water.
It will eventually end up in the sky
Then back in the ocean, again
To start the process a new

Wait, what if
A cup of tea became selfish?
Thinking it could be completely dependent
In tombed by its own record of likes and dislikes, aversion and attraction
Then the tea starts to prefer, "I want only to be only a refined tea"
"A specific flavored tea"
"Perhaps not even to be drunk"
"I wish to be put on display"
The poor little cup of tea
Fighting its own nature
A nature of impermanence and change
The poor little tea will struggle fruitlessly,
Whether it reaches and attains all of its goals or none,
It will continue to be a part of the continuance of water.
It will end up back in the sky and ocean to repeat Samsara,
Whether it likes it or not!

Now wait, what if the opposite happened.
A strong little tea, a very self satisfied and self motivated tea.
A compassionate selfless tea.
"I wish to quench anyone thirst well"
"If you will have me then that is my responsibility"
"Whatever you have for me I will do my best at"
"I will not have a preference outside of being satisfied with myself"
Being ever versatile and vigilant over it's own emotional attachments it would be free!
Never bending in logic or equanimity toward the never ending cycles of Samsara.
Then with time and practice one day it would become proficient at staying self satisfied, self motivated and compassionate.
Then it would become something else all together.
Perhaps something beyond imagination.
Perhaps something that we could only get a hint at anytime we drink our warm favorite drink of choice.


you have an award waiting for you over at my place

Missy said...

We don't know. That is one of the exciting things about being a believer. God is constantly surprising us and leading us down paths that we never knew were there.

God is there with you, even if you don't know and you do question.

I'm glad your family stayed safe.

Alice in Wonderland said...

WOW! I just called over from Speaking From The Crib to congratulate you on your award, and I am totally blown away by your story! That is just amazing! They say that if you find a white feather in an unexpected place, then it is a sign that your Guardian Angel is watching over you! Maybe yours was that old woman in the grocery store! Stranger things have happened!
Thankfully you were all safe!

Funny in my mind said...

I think sometimes people assume that someone else will be the one to help someone in need. It feels good to be the one to come to the rescue and in turn, you feel good about yourself. Karma. Do good and others will pay you back in some form.
I was once driving, very tired, and started dozing off. I distinctly heard a man's voice (I was alone) say my name very loudly. I opened my eyes and was almost in the ditch. Was it God? A guardian angel? I don't know but without that voice, I don't know what would have happened. Great story.
I am here from The Crib- congrats on your award!


okay, here's what you do - right click on the award at my blog, save it to your computer

on your blog, go into customize, layout, page elements, add a gadget, add picture, retrieve picture from your computer, under link put mine - www.speakingfromthecrib.com, you can add a caption underneath or a title, whatever you want!

if this DOESN'T work, let me know! CONGRATS!

Write Right Where You "R" said...

That was a wonderful story on the Spirit Guides. I'd like to know more about this subject!
Hope you and family are well!

Deborah said...

Hi, When I read what the Angel told you I got chills down my spine before I read that you had chills too. I think she was a test to see if anyone would help her and from what you said, only you did and I want to say thank you! More people should be like that. I believe that Angels DO walk amoung us and they can be in all forms from the very wealthy to the very poor. You know I have had a lot off occurances too like your car ride. I once stopped at a green light and lucky I did because the oncoming traffic did not stop for the red light. I have no idea why I stopped, I just did. That was years ago, but I still remember. There are other things also that I always think that the Angels are close by.
Thank you for telling me about this post! I really appreciate it and it only gives me more confimation of Angels on Earth!