Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Dream~ Daddy's Little Girl

As I walked my little Logan this morning, I couldn't help but to stare into the future, dreaming about what life may hold for her... the mental and emotional freedom I wish for her to experience. She's daddy's little girl, growing up so fast. Will she be strong, fearless, and willing to take chances when 'they' tell her to play it safe? Will she be a leader, paving the way for others to follow her example? Are these qualities with her from birth, or do we as parents take responsibility for instilling most of them? 

Will she continue to be curious, wanting to "figure it out," always without fear? When does fear come into play and become a reality in her life ~ because as of now, she doesn't know what that word means or feels like. In my, "I-can-teach-anyone-anything" mind... I want to think I can show her how to avoid letting fear dominate her mind, as it did mine when I was young. 

I'll teach her how to be her own person, looking for opportunities where others only see roadblocks. I'll guide her down the road of risk-taking, never afraid of failure, knowing that failure is only an illusion and will always bring her closer to the success she strives for. I'll show her how to never take "no" for an answer, yet still knowing how to back-off when necessary. I'll teach her to feel confident, even when there isn't any evidence to support that confidence. True confidence is born in us all, it never leaves, but must be given life on a daily basis. 

Of course, I won't be the only teacher in her life, but this is MY dream... so I can be the hero if I want!

Will she have her own voice, but still be strong enough to listen to others and ask for help often? Can she set aside her ego and offer help to those she disagrees with? Will she understand the difference between wise and smart, and be able to implement each when the time asks for one or the other?  Will she continue to laugh when emotions are telling her to do the opposite?

Right now, Logan needs and wants us more than anything... will she always? My dream says abso-freakin-lutely! Know why? Cuzz it's my dream, she's my angel, and will always be daddy's little girl!


A Woman Made of Dust said...

Random comment:

Your baby is absolutely adorable!


Critical+Technical said...

Hey Dayne I just happened to stumble upon your blog today and found it to be very inspiring and easy to read. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Keep in touch and check in on Critical and Technical from time to time.

Andrew said...
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plainolebob said...

coach dayne, they are so precious at that age, my little girls are 21 & 20 now, man i miss that.
got one for you, ready. How do you spell no?
K-n-o-w as in , I don't have enuff info, tell me more.

Erica Cano said...

aww dayne.. this post was so cuteee. and i guarentee you she will be an absolutely stunning person. she will be the master and the student at the same time and every other oxymoron you mentioned. on paper it sounds almost impossible to be that perfect person, and remember- no one is perfect. the trick is to ALWAYS be supportive and never critical. and make sure she gets back up when she falls off the horse.

logiepoo will be an amazing person. i know i love her beautiful smile!

LookingForNormal said...

I was laying next to my grand baby this morning, just thinking about how the stress of every day life just melts away when a baby breathes on you,
Two of mine are older like bobs.lol. cherish every moment. Nothing takes the place of a childs love. Its unconditional. They love you for who you are. What kind of love could be better?

lifechick said...

She is precious! It shows in her face that she absolutely feels how much she is loved. With the support of her parents, I believe most of your dream for her is possible!

(Except that part about always wanting you guys more than anything. I'm sure you've guessed that when she's around 13 years old, she'll go through a solid year or two of never wanting to be seen with either of you. You probably remember going through this stage yourself, so you know not to take it personally LOL.)

Dayne Gingrich said...

Aww... thank you all for such sweet comments. It's so crazy how fast she's growing. That kind of unconditional love is like nothing I've experienced before (other than my wife's, of course).

When she's 13, she'll be begging us to hang out with her and her friends... probably wanting us (mostly ME) to come to the movies with them, talk gossip, girl stuff with everyone. I'LL BE THE FIRST! ;-)

Jayne said...

And yes, you will instill all of that in her. And yes, she'll stretch her independence and you'll wonder if any of it sunk in, and then lo and behold, she'll be a young adult embracing all her dad taught her. :c) Be there, be consistent, and love her as fiercely as you can, and know that if you live those principles to her, it will be part of who she grows to be. Such a cutie pie!

Rispa Frances said...

What a wonderful journey: for your daughter and for you!!

Calli said...

Dayne, she is just adorable! Oh, my gosh, I love that age so much. Your love for her shines through like crazy!
Incidentally, My 7 year old son, is also named Logan. I love that name for a boy or a girl.

You have great taste! :)

Vicamaya said...

Too cute, Dayne!

And yes, little girls will always need their daddy...even when we're grown little girls and don't want to admit it. :)

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

absolutely adorable, can only hope i'm equally as blessed one day

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Oh my - what a beautiful child. She will be all you dream of and more - all it takes is a conscious parent and it seems you are certainly that!

Midnight Whisperer said...

Dayne, She will have moments of moments.
Moments of Joy
Moments of Heartbreak
Moments of Fear
Moments of Bravery
and so on...
Smile with Her
Laugh with Her
Cry with Her
and as She Grows...
She will Remember and Know that Through it ALL, You were There; Because of Her, For Her, and With Her.

Write Right Where You "R" said...

I can't wait to be a grandma! Hopefully it will be a girl! I'll be a knitting, sewing fool! hahaha
Thanks for your blog. You Write, Will follow.