Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Do, Or Not To Do...

Ok, so we've explored some concepts in the last couple of posts that will help us achieve bigger, better, and more. 

1. Know exactly what we want, and believe that it's ours for the taking.     Do we want to be the employee or the owner?

2. Visualize those wants as if they are already ours. See them in our mind's-eye with such strong emotion, our brain can't figure out what's real versus what's just a visualization. 

Knowing what we want and having a picture in our mind are extremely important pieces of the puzzle, but they still need a little help. If this was all we needed, then we could simply stay at home all day watching t.v., "dreaming" our wants to come true. Sorry, Charlie -

As one of the most successful ad campaign of all-time says:                 "Just Do It!" 

Notice that it doesn't say, "Just want it" or "Just see it." Just Do It means a lot of things, but most importantly, it means get off our asses, forget all the excuses, and commit to that next level - and do it now! 

We must take massive action if we want to accomplish those things we're so passionate about. This single step can be difficult, and is what holds most of us back from the results we want, especially when we're confronted with roadblocks. 

"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I watch what they do."

                  -Andrew Carnegie

 "A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his action."


When they say we can't, what will we say? When we get the door slammed in our faces, will we look for, and open the next door? After months and months of "failure," will we understand there's no such thing as failure... unless we stop doing? Will we be egoless as we move forward, not afraid to ask for help? When we wake up tired and beat-down from all of the negativity, will we remember that we only have now... this one minute, this one hour, this one day?

  "Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing."

                 -William Shakespeare

    "Now What?"



Anonymous said...

carpe diem

Midnight Whisperer said...

Touche sheephead0304, Touche. Inspiring post Dayne, I agree wholeheartedly.

plainolebob said...

i am a doin it but sumtimes a do it backards and have to return to go.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Better than NOT doin it!!