Thursday, September 17, 2009

Habits Anyone?


Stop changing those bad habits that are holding you back from reaching the next level. Sounds strange, and is the opposite of everything you've ever heard, I know. Read on...

List 5 of your worst habits.
List the things that trigger those habits.

Now write 5 new habits you want to implement in your life~ new habits that would change who you are, how you see your life, and what you believe. 
List the benefits that would take place from creating those new habits.
Visualize yourself using your new habits.
Take action right now, making those new habits a regular part of your day.

90% of our behavior is dictated by habits, so it makes sense that if we learn to choose what those habits will be, our lives will be completely transformed. 

One Problem: We've created a ton bad habits along the way that have become a part of our daily routines, resulting in this nonstop cycle of crap (sorry mom~ sometimes I have to cuss). When we finally realize these bad habits are what's holding us back, we do what any motivated person would do... we try to change them. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, when we focus on changing our habits, we unintentionally continue focusing on them... helping the cycle remain a cycle. 

Instead of changing our bad habits... create new, better habits! 

A habit becomes habit through massive repetition... so if we're able to manufacture bad ones, we can definitely create new ones. 

What's it gonna be, ya'll? 

(Did I just say "ya'll?") 


lifechick said...

Yes, you did, but in these here parts, that's cool. LOL

Excellent advice, btw. I need to create *at least* 5 new good habits, if not more. But starting with 5 seems doable.

Charlene said...

Yes - you said "y'all". I have that terrible habit as well. :-)

spldbch said...

I agree - instead of focusing on changing your bad habits it's more effective to focus on creating new good habits. The bad habits will fall away on their own once they no longer serve a purpose.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Lifechick~ Go for 10, if you feel like you can "handle" that many. For me, 10 isn't that magic #... that many makes me freak.

Charlene~ ... but I'm in SOUTHERN CAL (ya'll doesn't get said too often). ;-)

Spldbch~ I'll bet you attempt this process quite a bit, seeing that habits tend to dictate our actions and decisions. A lot of fear attached to these habits as well, yeah? Or... do the habits create more fear? Things to make you say, "hmmmm."

Thanks for your comments. I'll be over to your place soon, making sure I throw in my 2 cents.

sherry ♥ lee said...

This is back to I want to keep repeating what obviously doesn't work for me, or do I want to try something new that just might. Habits are often hard to break...because on some level they "work" for us (even if it's negatively). Being mindful and making better choices can only lead to a better more fulfilling life. Great post!

Midnight Whisperer said...

Another Great Post! Giving your followers a little homework assignment, Awesome ;)