Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go There, Mentally ...

What happened in your past that's keeping you from moving forward? How were you raised? Did your parents focus on negativity? Were you surrounded by "I can't" attitudes? Did your teachers and coaches continue to tell you how average you were? Did a boyfriend or girlfriend destroy your self esteem, constantly reminding you that you were destined for mediocrity?

Answer those questions one final time; focus on what's keeping you from greatness for one more minute. Finished? Good! Now, let me ask you another question that has nothing to do with your past: What will you do THIS MINUTE that will catapult you forward?

Figuring out your triggers, caused by past behaviors is important ... focusing on them daily is the best way to stay in the same place for years.

What new habit do you need to create today? What action will begin the momentum needed for forward progress? Who needs to be emailed or called? Is there someone you know, or someone you want to know who can give you advice on how to reach your goals? What do you need to do right now?

Enough with your excuses - the made-up reasons why you haven't been able to take quality action. When will you break the rear view mirror and only focus on what has to be accomplished? No one can make you decide ... motivation without activation is completely useless. What's it going to take to lose yourself in the probability of next level living?

Look ahead - what do you see in your future? How will it feel to accomplish everything on your goals list? How does success taste after fighting through all the obstacles and naysayers? Go there, mentally. Allow yourself to feel the decision that is self belief.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There Are Only Two Options ...

I was sent a message on Twitter (@CoachDayne), telling me how difficult this person's journey has become and how much he's thought about quitting. Trust me when I say how much I completely understand his "wanting to quit," as I've been there in my own life. Let me also say this: The pain of the quit is much worse than the fight through the quit! Reread the last sentence a couple of times. Let it sink in.

I quit something in the past, that today, I totally regret; the pain of that quit haunts me to this moment. A few years after, I made a committed decision that quitting will never again be a possibility. When I struggle now, I use it as fuel for the guaranteed success I'll eventually achieve. When obstacles continue showing their face, I remind myself there are only two options I'll ever face: Work harder or stop, period! It's a simple equation. Stopping will never enter my reality. Frustration is sometimes a piece of the daily puzzle, but discipline and passionate action will always override that short term pain.

"Only two things will happen ... you will quit or I will die!"

                                                                        -Will Smith

So, to my Twitter friend ... you may want to quit with every fiber in your soul, and no one can make you choose otherwise, but I promise it'll be the worst decision you've ever made. Find your motivation again - what drives your need to improve? Why did you begin down this specific road in the beginning? Choose work, work, and more hard work in the end. The result of this continuous effort will blow your mind.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Adjust And Repeat

Success is achieved through committed decisions, discipline, dedicated action, and acceptance of all outcomes.

If you're not attaining the result you want, adjust and repeat the above.

As long as it takes.

Nuff said.

Choose To Pass ...

Monday's the biggest day of separation for the 1% Mentality

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Success isn't a destination, it's a belief.

Belief isn't taught, it's decided.

When will you decide? 

When will you choose greatness over mediocrity?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eyes Forward

Without exception, each student today wanted to explain why their past makes it difficult to accomplish their future goals.

Let me make this simple: I don't want to hear about past "failures," what your mom and dad said when you were young, or how friends keep telling you that it's impossible. The only thing you should be focusing on is why you WILL attain your goals, and how they WILL manifest ... period!

Make a committed decision that enough is enough. "What was" has nothing to do with what will be.

Create the 1% Mentality!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Are You Focused On?

As I was preparing notes for an upcoming presentation, I wrote this as a topic of discussion:

The 1% only focus on the garbage can ... never the garbage.

In other words, the 1% Mentality never worries about weaknesses or obstacles ... it only focuses on how to eliminate them, making room for strengths and freedom! The 99% become consumed with why it's not happening, why it may be too difficult, or how much work it'll take to become successful. They're concentrating on the garbage, ignoring where it belongs. 99% will stay in the same place, complaining about the same setbacks. This happens because they haven't made a committed decision to focus on what's probable in their lives. Notice I didn't say "possible." Possibility is useless until you make a choice that it'll turn into probability!

The most successful people have learned that their past has nothing to do with their future. The garbage that may have held them back, the garbage they used as excuses, and the garbage that made them doubt has no power in where they're going. The moment they decide to focus on the garbage can, plans can be made and action can be taken towards a 1% future.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with the person staring back. What are you focusing on?

Passion And Fear Don't Belong Together

Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Missing?

Here's a quick question for you to marinate on over the weekend:

What information, tools, or mentors are missing in your plan today that will allow you to receive what you want in the future? Are you lacking specific knowledge that you need in order to achieve your goals?

Ask it honestly. Many would instantly answer, "If I knew what I was missing..." Many do know, but choose to look the other way because finding the answer would take more work than they're willing to give.

What information are you lacking, that if implemented into your game plan, would catapult you to the next level? Becoming the 1% means doing more than you thought you'd ever need to do.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Game-Changing Opportunity

There are times in our lives where we're presented with special opportunities - the type of opportunity that, if taken, can change our current path. I was blessed with such an opportunity Wednesday morning at 7:30. Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, voice of How Bad Do You Want It and author of The Secret To Success, blocked time for me to call him. I found Eric on YouTube last year, loved his passion and "don't talk about it, be about it" attitude. Not only did I love his style, but he instantly became an example of the 1% Success model I use with my students.

Eric was a high school dropout and homeless for a period of time, yet still found a way to make a decision to not only get his 4 year degree, but also a Masters, and is currently working on a PHD. THIS is 1%. This is the picture I convey to my students when they tell me, "It's too difficult." Ask Eric about difficult ... then take a look at his resume, how far he's come, and where he's going.

To say the least, I was excited to talk with him, pick his brain, and especially listen to his dedication and intensity for success. The man has infectious passion and makes you believe that nothing but YOU can stop you. He gave me 30 minutes of pure knowledge and experience because he simply wanted to help, not because he expected anything in return. This opportunity was game-changing for me, and I will not waste those valuable minutes he shared. 

Be aware of every opportunity that comes your way, and take advantage of each one. Some are small, others are life-changing, but every one is meaningful and plays a role in your development. Your goals can only be attained after the manifestation of many dedicated and committed actions. Live with the 1% mentality.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Probability Over Possibility

Are you there yet? Will you ever "get there?" When you're faced with the majority of friends and family telling you why it won't happen, what's your response? I don't mean your external, what you tell them response, I'm talking about that internal conversation you have with yourself. Do you agree with them ... even just a little? If yes, your chances to attain your goals instantly decrease. There can't be even a tiny bit of doubt in your mind. Your reaction to the naysayers has to turn into automatic laughter, as if you know they're clueless and will never understand. Never defend your passions to anyone.

I've labeled it 1% for a reason, remember. The majority will never step out of their comfort zone and risk it all to achieve more than they currently have.

I was recently asked how I fight those who criticize me. I don't ... ever! I never verbally fight anyone. I may disagree and give my opinion as to why I believe the way I do, but I've grown to realize everyone is on their own path and have their own timeline. I don't know it all, and don't pretend to. I do believe, with all my being, that we can achieve anything we want if we first make the decision to choose nothing less. Always choose probability over possibility. You WILL attain ... period!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's All A Mindset

This past weekend, I was asked to appear on Golf Talk Radio to discuss how to create the 1% Mindset, on and off the course. My segment begins at 32:42.

All Roads End Here...

Eric Thomas (voice of How Bad Do You Want It) defines the 1% Mindset!
From a high school dropout and homeless to attainment of his PHD...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make The Choice

Choose your reactions. Choose your emotions. Choose your confidence levels. Choose your commitment levels. Choose what you WILL accomplish today. Make the choice.

You're not a slave to outcomes. Your confidence level isn't dictated by how well you play or the "grade" you receive. You have the choice to learn HOW to create confidence during down times -- it's still in your control. Confidence definitely grows when you have positive results, but it doesn't have to diminish after poor outcomes. You have the power to draw from past experiences, when everything was working perfectly. You have the choice to mentally "go back" and FEEL the emotions related to those positive experiences. This is how you continue confidence growth during bad days. It does take work, but you have the choice to put in the time.

You have the choice to pre accept all outcomes. If you don't, you'll never feel peace about the process. You make the choice to say, "As long as I work to my maximum effort, I accept all good and bad results." There's nothing quite like the feeling of total contentment and peace during what most people would describe as Pressure Moments. You choose whether or not pressure really exists.

You make the choice to jump out of bed when your alarm sounds at 5:30 am, and commit to attaining 1% success. You're in total control of how you decide to attack what the so-called experts say is impossible. Choose wisely.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 1% Is Available IF You Sacrifice

Love him or hate him, it doesn't matter ... listen to the message!

Jeremy Lin: Definition Of 1%

Whenever you think the odds are against you, or the "experts" say you can't do it, draw confidence from Jeremy's story. If you're willing to take it, success WILL happen for you...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Will You Do?!

It's time to stop talking about what you want ... start doing! Lose the excuses and whining about why it "would've, should've, and could've." Make a committed decision that it WILL happen, no matter the obstacles! 

Talking about how badly you want it isn't enough. What will you do to make it happen?