Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make The Choice

Choose your reactions. Choose your emotions. Choose your confidence levels. Choose your commitment levels. Choose what you WILL accomplish today. Make the choice.

You're not a slave to outcomes. Your confidence level isn't dictated by how well you play or the "grade" you receive. You have the choice to learn HOW to create confidence during down times -- it's still in your control. Confidence definitely grows when you have positive results, but it doesn't have to diminish after poor outcomes. You have the power to draw from past experiences, when everything was working perfectly. You have the choice to mentally "go back" and FEEL the emotions related to those positive experiences. This is how you continue confidence growth during bad days. It does take work, but you have the choice to put in the time.

You have the choice to pre accept all outcomes. If you don't, you'll never feel peace about the process. You make the choice to say, "As long as I work to my maximum effort, I accept all good and bad results." There's nothing quite like the feeling of total contentment and peace during what most people would describe as Pressure Moments. You choose whether or not pressure really exists.

You make the choice to jump out of bed when your alarm sounds at 5:30 am, and commit to attaining 1% success. You're in total control of how you decide to attack what the so-called experts say is impossible. Choose wisely.

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