Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go There, Mentally ...

What happened in your past that's keeping you from moving forward? How were you raised? Did your parents focus on negativity? Were you surrounded by "I can't" attitudes? Did your teachers and coaches continue to tell you how average you were? Did a boyfriend or girlfriend destroy your self esteem, constantly reminding you that you were destined for mediocrity?

Answer those questions one final time; focus on what's keeping you from greatness for one more minute. Finished? Good! Now, let me ask you another question that has nothing to do with your past: What will you do THIS MINUTE that will catapult you forward?

Figuring out your triggers, caused by past behaviors is important ... focusing on them daily is the best way to stay in the same place for years.

What new habit do you need to create today? What action will begin the momentum needed for forward progress? Who needs to be emailed or called? Is there someone you know, or someone you want to know who can give you advice on how to reach your goals? What do you need to do right now?

Enough with your excuses - the made-up reasons why you haven't been able to take quality action. When will you break the rear view mirror and only focus on what has to be accomplished? No one can make you decide ... motivation without activation is completely useless. What's it going to take to lose yourself in the probability of next level living?

Look ahead - what do you see in your future? How will it feel to accomplish everything on your goals list? How does success taste after fighting through all the obstacles and naysayers? Go there, mentally. Allow yourself to feel the decision that is self belief.


Amy said...

Love it!

Rettakat said...

My favorite line:

"...motivation without activation is completely useless."

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks, Amy and Loretta. Appreciate it.