Monday, March 19, 2012

What Are You Focused On?

As I was preparing notes for an upcoming presentation, I wrote this as a topic of discussion:

The 1% only focus on the garbage can ... never the garbage.

In other words, the 1% Mentality never worries about weaknesses or obstacles ... it only focuses on how to eliminate them, making room for strengths and freedom! The 99% become consumed with why it's not happening, why it may be too difficult, or how much work it'll take to become successful. They're concentrating on the garbage, ignoring where it belongs. 99% will stay in the same place, complaining about the same setbacks. This happens because they haven't made a committed decision to focus on what's probable in their lives. Notice I didn't say "possible." Possibility is useless until you make a choice that it'll turn into probability!

The most successful people have learned that their past has nothing to do with their future. The garbage that may have held them back, the garbage they used as excuses, and the garbage that made them doubt has no power in where they're going. The moment they decide to focus on the garbage can, plans can be made and action can be taken towards a 1% future.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with the person staring back. What are you focusing on?

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