Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She Used To Own Shoes...

Just be nice.

If you see someone in need... give!

I watched at least 25 people look at her, stop, stare, and walk away in disgust. They should be disgusted with their own behavior. Help her; view her with compassion and empathy, rather than fear and horror. Instead of focusing on her present state (a place where you could easily find yourself), concentrate on opening your hand to her... offering your generosity and understanding.

When she looks in your eyes and sees your selflessness, this may be enough to make her feel worthy. If you make her feel as if she belongs, she may start believing the same. Small gifts often find themselves turning into large life-changers.

We too often find ourselves judging the current state of others, as if we're untouchable. She wasn't always living this way. Something in her rear view created a path of misfortune, eventually placing her here today. Help her find a better path, even if it's by simply saying hello or nodding hi. Smiling as you pass may do more to help her than you'll ever know.

Everyone is worthy of compassion... no matter their present state.

She used to own shoes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Is What I Mean

If we're going to achieve anything, we must be passionate, create a plan, and be totally committed to taking action towards that plan. I want to congratulate a few of my golf students who understand this equation, and are on track to accomplishing everything they want.

Ladies first, of course...

Mareon Smit 
She just won her first big tournament at the Ventura Junior Match Play Championship. This 17 year old is one of the most focused, discipline, and hard working athletes I've ever seen. She's been battling through some difficult obstacles, on and off the course, but is now beginning to realize how her work ethic is paying off.  She views these "obstacles" as opportunities, and is proving that nothing will stop her from reaching her goals. I mention her name to all of my students, no matter the sport. Everyone can learn from Mareon's attitude and dedication to the next level. Professional golf will be in her future if she continues to immerse herself in this process.

Jack Perry
This week, he finished second in the SCGA (Southern Cal. Golf Assoc.) Match Play Championship, having to beat many older and more experienced players along the way. At age 18, he was the youngest competitor in the field, but proved to be stronger, mentally and physically than 99% of the players. He's an incredible ball-striker, but has lacked self belief and a knowingness that he can dominate every time he steps onto the course. Without question, he's learning how to "flip the switch" from fear to an unwavering confidence and belief that he does belong. Jack's headed to Northwestern University next year, and will definitely be walking the courses as a professional in the future.

Matthew Hansen
He's currently playing in the NCGA (Northern Cal. Golf Accoc.) Match Play Championship, and winning big! Today, he defeated the #1 player in the NCGA, and at is competing in his next round as I write. At 18 years old, he is also one of the youngest players in the field, but is proving that age is only a number. Matthew has a calm, meticulous way about him... yet is a fearless competitor. When I texted him after one of his wins, reminding him to stay focused on mentally destroying his opponent, his simple reply: "That's the plan!" I laughed out loud, thinking how relaxed his message sounded. That's Matthew... calm, quiet, and ready to pounce. Later this month, he'll be playing in the U.S. Amateur, where the best amateurs in the country will be competing. He's off to UC Davis next year, and will be playing on the PGA Tour in the near future.

All three of these players wouldn't be where they are today without their swing coach, Don Parsons. http://thestudioattwinlakes.ning.com. He's an amazing coach who has committed himself to helping these kids take their games to another level. I feel privileged he asked me to be a part of the equation!

Everything you want is right there for the taking... immerse yourself in the process. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shocking News!

We're all afraid to succeed!

Yes we are - you, me, him, her, and all the rest of them. We're afraid to step beyond our way of living, thinking, and believing. Most of us say we're not, but the evidence is clear.

Do some of us figure out HOW to walk towards that next level? Absolutely... but the majority have to be taught how to make it happen. I had to be taught, and still work on this fear on a daily basis. My mindset is challenged regularly, forcing me to focus on the probable future rather than the possible failure.

I'm not arrogant enough to avoid the mirror when making this statement. I'm one of the biggest culprits. I lived 2/3's of my life afraid of success and what it meant, both after and during the process. Achievement meant risk... risk meant failure... therefore, achievement had to mean failure. I was going to avoid that equation at all costs. Most of us do, either consciously or unconsciously.

"Success" simply means new, better, bigger... different. Our instincts try to avoid these new beginnings because of the inevitable short term pain that comes with the discovery. Hiding from bigger and better is a survival instinct. Our brain is doing it's best to shield us from hurt, but one thing I can guarantee: The next level can only arrive after the pain and struggle. Our job is to override this instinct, step past our old belief systems, and create new impulses.

Don't tell me you want success... do something about it! Risk what you're afraid to risk. Take steps that most tell you will be impossible and a wast of time. Your goal: New, bigger, better, and different. When you say you can't... do! When you think of the potential pain that could result... do! When they say don't... do!

Do it now before you wish you could've done...