Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She Used To Own Shoes...

Just be nice.

If you see someone in need... give!

I watched at least 25 people look at her, stop, stare, and walk away in disgust. They should be disgusted with their own behavior. Help her; view her with compassion and empathy, rather than fear and horror. Instead of focusing on her present state (a place where you could easily find yourself), concentrate on opening your hand to her... offering your generosity and understanding.

When she looks in your eyes and sees your selflessness, this may be enough to make her feel worthy. If you make her feel as if she belongs, she may start believing the same. Small gifts often find themselves turning into large life-changers.

We too often find ourselves judging the current state of others, as if we're untouchable. She wasn't always living this way. Something in her rear view created a path of misfortune, eventually placing her here today. Help her find a better path, even if it's by simply saying hello or nodding hi. Smiling as you pass may do more to help her than you'll ever know.

Everyone is worthy of compassion... no matter their present state.

She used to own shoes.

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Bendigo said...

Powerful message...A great advice...As usual a great reminder...