Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Talk About The Next Level

The last couple of posts, I've talked about mindset and the effects of thinking and believing a specific way in life. Let's take it a step further this time, and focus on visualizing your beliefs and the results that will follow.

I believe with 100% certainty that what we "see" in our thoughts will be brought to life, both good and bad. If we visualize that "it" will never happen, and we add enough real emotion to that visual, it'll most likely never happen. Why would we consistently think with such negativity and pessimism? I'll leave that answer for another conversation. Conversely, if we "see" what we want and make it real enough in our mind, we dramatically increase the percentage that it will happen. Knowing that what we see in our mind's-eye will actually manifest is extremely fascinating, and is what I'm dedicated to sharing with those who will listen.

Walking with my wife and little girl around our neighborhood this morning is what started this topic in my head. As we walked from block to block, we noticed how much bigger and more beautiful the homes became. There was actually a house that we became very interested in, but we knew that it would be extremely expensive. Putting the potential price aside, we made a call to ask about this specific house, and began the "mental picture" rolling. We began talking about "our new home, and how wonderful it WILL be for Logan to experience such a big back yard and tons of grass to play on. Our new neighborhood WILL be the best walking neighborhood we've ever lived in, and WILL be super close to downtown shopping."

Whether we eventually move in to this new house or not is completely irrelevant... what is important, though, is that we made it possible to get the result we want -- how? We made it real, very real in our mind, visualizing the future as if it was happening now! This point is extremely important, because it's how our visuals eventually manifest. If my wife and I talked about how nice it "could be..." or "maybe would be if..." then it wouldn't feel real to our mind, therefore not allowing the unconscious to take over (that's also another conversation). 

I don't just think this is possible... I've lived through life changing results from altering my belief system in this way. I grew up extremely negative, pessimistic, and the antithesis of this type of thinking. I eventually learned (through personal experience) that "seeing it before it happens" really does work. I won't lie and tell you I completely understand the science behind the results... but I will tell you, with complete sincerity and confidence, that it'll change your life!!!

Actually, thinking about the science:

It's been scientifically proven that the brain doesn't know the difference between strong, emotional visualizations and real life events. Here's one cool experiment: Three Olympic sprinters were attached to monitors all over their bodies that would record how, if, and when their muscles would fire during a strong visualization. They were asked to close their eyes and visualize a 100 meter sprint, making it as real as possible in their minds. The results were mind-boggling... the computers recorded the EXACT SAME TYPE OF MUSCLE FIRE that would be made under a real race. In other words, their muscles responded to the brain, which responded to the sprinters' visualization, creating real-time muscle movement. The sprinters also were covered in sweat, as if they just finished a race (remember, they were just laying there, motionless)... freakin' amazing!

Uh-oh... my cell's ringing... it's the EX-owner of "our new house." Gotta go pack and call the moving company-- cause we're moving up the street. Did I tell you how big the back yard was? 

Oops ~ IS!



therealbobthought said...

so what you sayin is , i think about it, keep seein as mine, makin a picture in my mind of havin it, then i'll git it.
wow, don't tell bess.
thanks for your nice comments.
{reticular activation system?}

Top Form Fitness said...

So true, Dayne! The more you live it, the more this is proven to be true. This is what they talk about in The Secret, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, What the "Bleep" Do We Know, Think and Grow Rich, and dozens of other great resources on the power of our consciousness / mind.

Dayne Gingrich said...


You freakin' crack me up!

"wat i'm sayin is..." LOLOL

You've go to really feel what you're seeing (visualizing). This is where most screw it up. They think that they can just "hope it," or "wish for it," which is still visualizing, I guess... but it's just not strong enough for the brain to "be faked out."

Practice really believing what you're seeing in your visuals... you'll be amazed!

Lady Midnight said...

you're so enthusiastic! it's amazing. though it kind of sounds as though you're advocating duping your mind into thinking things that aren't real! i guess that's the point though eh, things that aren't real that you wish were real?
thanks for your comments btw :)
p.s. you know there are some pretty strong hallucinagenic drugs out there that could give you some pretty amazing visualisations!! jk

Looking For Normal said...

Finally able to visualize good things in my life, but it is a horrible feeling to feel like your brain isn't functioning well enough to even think. Recently went from a 4000 sq. ft. house to 1000 sq ft house. Due to medical issues. its hard to stay postitive. But you know what this place is ok. I don't mind it. Oh the mind is a powerful thing.

Dr. P. Poorluk said...

Cool post Dayne. Very positive. Should have been a disclaimer for those negative people though.

Sofie said...

OK BUT YOU FORGOT TO MENTION WHO IS REPRESENTING YOU IN THE PURCHASE OF THAT HOUSE! I'm visualizing writing your contract!!! and the papers verifying the recording of the property in your name... oh yeah... and my commission check!

Erica Cano said...

ive seen this work, and ive also seen it fail miserably. this reminds me a lot of your first blog. i could get into the whole you cant control love thing. but i wont go there. instead ill focus on why you are absolutely right.

while somethings simply aren't in our control, there is a surprising amount of decisions that are. since the first blog ive learned that its not always the actual event you control but the way you react to the dream of the event. you can either go after your dreams relentlessly to the point where it comes true simply because it is your single motivation. and sometimes, love for example isn't in the cards. but are you going to let one guy or one girl ruin you? ruin everything you want in life? no, of course not.

what i failed to see is that this is all about how you react. this isnt about the actual visualization. because you can bust your butt trying to get everything and still not quite make it. but on the journey to your "goal," often times you'll discover a new love, a new way of thinking, a new motivation.. or in your case, a different house. But until you reach that point, keep trying. keep busting your ass because in someway, your passion for whatever it is will take you further than anything else.

but first and foremost, you must be happy with yourself before you can dream of changing the world, or finding the love of you life. or starting that business. because if you aren't truly happy with yourself, how can you expect to make other people happy?

and on the whole you are what you think you are thing.. i was watching tv the other day. specifically i was watching a show called Mental. and the patient was a women who was pregnant. except she wasnt. she displayed every sign of pregnancy simply because she believed to her core that she was. i kid you not. her belly grew, she even had contractions around when the baby should have been due. freaky stuff the brain can do.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Good Erica... you're gettin it! My point isn't: If you see, you're guaranteed to get it. If you DON'T see it, though... forget about it!

Things are definitely out of your control, but that's not what life is (should be) about, anyway -- right? The correct mindset, seeing it w/ passion and real emotion just aren't enough either, believe it or not. They play a huge part of getting what we want in life, but they're missing a key component:


On a side note about how powerful the brain is:

Man gets locked in a huge freezer over the weekend. After banging and banging on the freezer's walls, and realizing that no one is, or will be around until Monday... he KNEW he was going to freeze to death -- there was no way of surviving a weekend in this freezer with only the clothes on his back.

He decided to write his wife and child a note, talking about how much he loved them, and how he'd miss them, etc.

Monday came, a co-worker opened the freezer, and found him dead. He froze to death. One problem... THE FREEZER WAS BROKEN, AND WAS ROOM TEMPERATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He literally froze himself to death... mentally!

True story!

Erica Cano said...
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