Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poor Mary...

I'm shocked at the number of women I've talked to in the last week who believe the girls should never play sports against the boys. What happened to, "we're all equal" type of thinking? Where's the, "we can do anything the boys can do" mindset? 

I'm glad you didn't lose your marbles, and try to argue that girls who wanted to be a running back on a boys football team should be given a chance, but c'mon... why shouldn't they be given a try-out if it doesn't include physical contact? Why shouldn't Mary be able to win the field goal kicking spot on the men's team? She'll never have to tackle or block guys that outweigh her by 100 lbs... she only has to put foot-to-ball, and blast from 40 yards. 

Two out of three male football coaches I asked  also said they wouldn't allow her to try-out for kicking spot. Why the hell not? What are you guys afraid of? (I say, "guys" because you're definitely not real men). Real men wouldn't have a problem inviting a woman to join their team, if it meant making that team better. 

How do you spell E-G-O? 

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