Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tigger... Meet Ye Yang!

His loud, intimidating roar we're used to hearing and the huge fist pump that follows clutch putts were substituted with quiet meows and his tale hiding between his legs. 
When Eldrick Woods leads a major tournament after 3 days, he wins, period! As a matter of fact, he's never lost~ until this tournament. Before this last weekend at the PGA, he was 11-0 when leading after 54 holes , so as he took his 3 day lead to the first tee of the final round, it would be a guaranteed victory~ that is, unless Tigger showed up. Who's Tigger? He's the cautious golfer that's afraid to attack pins in fear of making bogeys, and giving strokes back to the field. Tigger is Tiger's never-before-seen alter ego who was hoping that Harrington and Yang would just quietly disappear like they always do under the pressure of the best golfer in history. Sure, Harrington has won a major but just recently blew up against Tiger... errrr.... Tigger in a previous tournament, so he wasn't going to challenge for the win. And Ye Yang? Who's Ye Yang? Have you ever heard of Ye Yang? I haven't heard of Ye Yang! 

The whole golfing world knows who Ye Yang is now. After chipping in for eagle from 80 feet on #14, and literally stealing the lead, Yang looked at Tigger and asked, "Ever hear of me? Ever see Ye Yang play? You're about to regret leaving Tiger at home, cause Ye Yang's about to rock your world!" 

What could Tigger possibly say? Yang was right... Tiger was at home watching on t.v., while Tigger shot a horrendous 75, allowing Ye Yang to become the first player to ever come from behind and beat the unbeatable.

Tigger, meet the 2009 PGA Champion... Ye Yang is his name, and I doubt you'll ever forget it! 

I know I won't.

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Bruce Coltin said...

Dayne, I enjoyed your perspective on this event and the insight you brought to it. I had never met Tigger. Now I know to look for him. You might enjoy a football story of mine. I think it would appeal to your competitive side. I'm at www.brucecoltin.blogspot.com, if you care to check it out. It's a three-parter.