Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect! Really? Are You Sure?

I'm going to steal a quote from a student of mine because I thought it was worth talking about. 

"My life is perfect, but not because there isn't anything wrong with it... but because I say, and believe it is."

At first glance, this may not seem like such a big deal to many, but coming from a college freshman girl -- where drama, hormones and worries about EVERYTHING could potentially be her whole life -- I thought this was huge, coming from her. 

"Perfect" is relative, isn't it? Our instinct is to want that perfect life... that husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, health, money, big home, angelic kids, gorgeous car, etc. But what does perfect really mean? I believe it means whatever we say it means, and creates a specific type of life that we say it creates. 
I have a good friend who's very wealthy, is in incredible shape and has a beautiful family, but thinks his life sucks! I also know someone who can't walk, is overweight and is without much family, but thinks her life is "perfect!!" Wow... what a mindset difference. What happened with her that didn't with him?? Perfect doesn't have to mean what friends, family, or society in general says it means. It doesn't have to look like the picture we've all visualized, where all the colors are "inside the lines", and all match perfectly (oops, there's that word again -- I'm beginning to hate that word).
Maybe we should make it a lifelong plan to look for our own perfect, no matter what shape it takes, or who it upsets. Maybe, just maybe we know what that means, feels and tastes like for us better than anyone ever will. 

Perfect? What does that mean?


therealbobthought said...

i love the way you think and teach others to think, nothing but good lessons here .

luvblinds_u said...

What do u teach exactly?

Dayne Gingrich said...

Mindset change... whatever that means to (X) student at that time in his/her life.

I was sooo insecure growing up, and wished that I had someone (other than parents) that I could grasp ahold of... learn from their experiences, etc.

I'm a huge believer in thinking bigger, and attempting more than "others" say can be had.

Midnight Whisperer said...

I read your post and was intrigued with the concept of "Perfection"....
Perhaps it is as simple as Beauty and In the Eye of the Beholder.
Personally, I believe that if my life were perfect (in my eyes), then I have
ceased to continue living. Life is incomplete without the yearning to strive for
more. If my life were perfect, I would no longer strive for anything. That thought
is more upsetting than knowing that my life is, in fact, not perfect. Therefore, I conclude
that I live for the imperfections...

Meaghan said...

Through Dayne's teachings, I have begun to view life as completely how you look at it. It is all about how you chose to deal with and feel about what life throws at you. Within every situation one has the choice of how they react. I honestly never realized that myself! When something sad happens sure you can be sad, but you can draw it to be looked at in a positive way. Everything that happens in ones life can help them in some way, and all just adds to their life. It is amazing how wonderful you can make your life on your own with just your mind!
As far as the perfection argument goes, versus always striving for better and living for the imperfections, I imagine what the student meant was that in that moment their life was simply perfect. Sure there may have been MANY things they were looking forward to, and still striving for. Especially as a college freshman a ton is going to change very soon! But for where they were in their life it was all perfect :) I think that is a great way to think!

Dayne Gingrich said...


You dun learnt good!

tdirt88 said...

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tdirt88 said...

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