Sunday, August 23, 2009

They're All Grownzed Up!

Well, it's that time of year again~ school is here. For most students, this time truly sucks, but this year FOR ME really really really sucks! Actually, it's quite bitter-sweet. Normally, I hardly feel the difference between summer and fall, as my schedule pretty much stays the same. My students still have their sessions during the summer, and at the very worst, may miss a week or two for vacation. The most difficult time for me in the beginning of fall is figuring out their new school schedules, and how it will affect our time together.


This year, I say goodbye (or see you soon) to a few of my graduating high school seniors... a couple, of which, I've been teaching since they were in 4th or 5th grade. Selfishly, this is extremely difficult because we've naturally grown very close over the years, and I'm going to miss them like krazy! On the other side of the coin, I'm soooo proud of them, and know this is the next step they're supposed to be taking. 

We've spent countless number of hours, either on the tennis court or exploring their "mental games," so to watch them fly out of the comfort of their nests is very emotional. I've been dreading this 2009 fall because I knew it was going to feel like a tug-o-war between the need for them to stay (for me), and their need to leave (for them). 

Teaching is an incredible experience, especially when I've been fortunate enough to witness an "ah-ha moment" ~ that moment where they finally "get it!" Something clicks inside of them that makes them feel more confidence than ever before, and helps them realize that hard work IS worth the time. That moment is what I live for, and is what makes me push my students harder and harder, especially through those times they say it can't be done.

As I've reflected on the up-coming departure of these incredible kids, I've come to realize that they have given to me as much, if not more, than I can ever give to them. They've inspired me to be a better teacher, a teacher who expects more; who demands more. They've shown me through THEIR incredible work ethic that more can be accomplished, and must be asked for. They've taught me to come to work with a passion, as it will set passions in motion, therefore creating a cycle. They've taught me to come to the table totally prepared, because if I didn't, they'd remind me that there's no excuse for mediocrity. 

Sure, there will be other students, but none like this special group. They will never be replaced... only used as examples of what can, and will be! I thank you for allowing me to help you, even if just a little. You will never know how much you've helped shape me, and how much of a better person I am because of you. 

You will all be missed like krazy!!


Erica Cano said...

I dont wanna let goooooo :(

I'm moving maybeeee 7 miles away, but those 4 off ramps are gunna break my heart in approximately 3 weeks.

Everything you've taught us comes in to play right about now. Those nights when you would stay and watch the last quarter of the laker games with my bro. The nights when we convinced you to have some orange chicken. The text conversations that pissed both of us off. The blog shots we've made at eachother. Coming and decorating you're car/ front porch with very classy manly decorations (btw, happy birthday again princess). Coming to the hospital the day after Logan was born to see the miracle of lungs and just how powerful baby Logan's were. Pumping up for Santa Barbara and hearing you're voice cheering for me against Rachel at their house& the fire that came with that. Crying over stupid losses. The babyshower. Talking about fears and how to send them away forever. Talking about the future and where were trying to go. Presenting you a presentation at coffee bean& getting THE most weird looks I have ever gotten (btw, you should put up a picture of our beautiful board on here). First meeting you at the club when I played in Erika Eskenazi's lesson& thinking you were the weirdest guy I had ever met. four years later, finding out in fact that you were the weirdest guy I'd ever met. Finding out you quit the club. Finding out it was the best decision you could have made at that point. Jumping for joy when we found out Liane was finally pregnant. Figuring out "the dot." Having you wack balls at me every time I step on the court. Just how similar you and Irv are. Wednesday clinics. Rants and raves about who knows what. The dinner where we finally met your wife (up until that dinner we weren't sure if she was a figment of your imagination hehe ;) ). Taking my first mental lesson with Amy Sagraves at her house and wondering what I had gotten myself into and if I should go back. Being the scared little girl that I was back then..

A lot has changed since those days. And a TON will change in the coming weeks. No lies, I cried for ten straight minutes when I was reading this. You always had a way of reaching down and touching the hearts of those around you.

I am ready for the next stages of my life. I just wish you were small enough to take with me to college haha. But I know you'll come to at least some of my matches! Even if I have to drag you there myself!!

Dayne Gingrich said...


Of course I'm going to come watch your matches... are you kidding me?

Payback to YOUR car will be fun!

You forgot a memory or two: You yelling at me at Starbucks loud enough for everyone to hear... and all of them thinking I was crazy for not slapping you! They looked at us like we were on drugs!

I'll never forget you and amy s. sprinting down my driveway, across my court in the middle of clinic to give me a hug on the day Liane announced her pregnancy. Everyone, again, thought we were crazy! BTW: They all paid me less for the clinic because of the 5 minutes you made them miss :-)

I'll always love the TOTAL ATTITUDE you had on court... sometimes good, sometimes not so...

How about: TTMA...

I loved when your mom would pretend she was cooking, but was actually trying to listen to our sessions! hahahahaha!

Your little sis always interrupting, wanting to be just like her big sis!

Remember, Erica: You'll always be her inspiration and hero! Every move you make will affect her next moves. EVERY move you make...

Erica Cano said...

Have you noticed that people look at us like we're crazy sort of often? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they know something that we don't?? I think we are simply insane sometimes :)

How about the time when I lost in the finals of the knowlwood tournament and you and my brother decided it would be a brilliant idea to play frisbee with my plate? And not five minutes after throwing the plate around it crashed to the sidewalk (yes the dent is still very noticable).

Or the time in Starbucks on the Mesa when you were going INSANE from hyperness. We so did not get anythinggg done that hour.

Texting you during channel league match my junior year when Erika was pushing and Julian smacked me in the middle of my face and me being a little bitch to the lines judge.

Being soooo so mad at you when we found out that you told someone certain things that prevented us from doing said activities.

My mom is such a lurk sometimes. And yeahhh rightttt are you going to get my car back. Its gunna be on lockkk downnn!

Meaghan said...

I don't even know where to begin. First, hopefully I'll run out of tears at some point or else I will be sitting here crying for hours. Dayne, as well as erica, your words moved me so much. Dayne, Wow, I couldn't be happier to hear all of this and be so touched. You have made such a big difference on my life. There are so many obvious things you taught me, but that I would have never figured out on my own or realized. My life is changing because of what I have learned from you, every day I work on what we talk about and move forward(well try but you don't like when i say that). Your wisdom and knowledge is incredible, I can't believe how much I have learned from you. I would have never guessed going into mentals what I would be coming out with!! But honestly, this is not good bye. Although it physically may be for a couple months, I want to continue learning from you. I know there is so much to learn, and always will be. Ichat mentals all the way!!!! haha! (My roommate is going to think i'm crazy!) Thank you Dayne for the countless amount of inspiration and knowledge you have given me.

Erica, your responses made me cry just as much. I have been hearing about dayne for years and all you learn from him, and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity as well. You are also one of my greatest teachers in life, over the past about 7years I have learned and grown so much from you. Reading this made me cry because it just screamed Erica, and reminded me every little way I love you. There is one thing that makes me excited about reading this, and that's looking forward to the most moving letters in the world that I will get in college from you :) I can't imagine leaving you, and can't stop sobbing just thinking about it! Your compassion, love, and kindness(as well as your writing) blow me away!!!!! I love you Erica Lauren Brown Cano,
& What Dayne said about heather is so true, i've been watching that for years, and i know when i remind you you sort of agree but it is completely true!!!!!!!!! You are most certainly Heather's hero.
Okay I better stop writing so i can begin to end the crying hahah....
(sorry my writing could never be as amazing as Erica's)

I love you both, Meaghan

Erica Cano said...

Oh Meaghannn. I can't stand the thought of you moving to the other side of the country. I don't know whatttt I am going to do with out you babe. Who is going to embarass me in front of my friends now??? Oh babe, you are such an amazing teacher too, and you will be missed dearly. You're writing is just as good as mine in every way because it has all the heart behind it, and I know that. That's all that matters. I look forward to writing to you my dear, and I hope I get some responses back every once in a while :) You are so ready for this, I know you are and seven years of friendship will get us through this time in our lives. I know you'll be standing next to me as soon as were done with this silly little college adventure.

And Dayne, I agree with everything meaghan had to say. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. Your passion and love for what you do is reflected in the people around you. You're always saying to surround yourself with those who lift you up, and you certainly have done that with the people around you. You are such an amazing mentor. Don't replace us too fast Dayne-o.

Too quote your favorite singer:

You must know all 'bout us
You must know all 'bout us
You can't have another us by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking We're replaceable.

What was that? I changed a few words? That's what she meant all along!!

AliBlahBlah said...

Wow, I really should get LK to read this - maybe all this emotion will chip his icy Teutonic demeanour?! Seriously though, he goes through the same thing at this time of year. In a way I think it's harder than being a teacher because you guys have been with these kids for so many years.

Just wait til it's Logan! Yikes!

Have enjoyed reading your blog. Not quite as ranty as mine....