Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're Never Entitled!

My mentor taught me a long time ago that we're never entitled to win, no matter how good we are or how good we think we are. We're only entitled to the effort we give before and after. Recently at a poker table, I fell into the trap of thinking I was entitled to win because I was easily top two in the game. The only other good player was a friend of mine, but he'll tell you that he's a distant second (I expect an immediate text from him after he reads this- haha).

Because I study, practice, and play for higher stakes than my opponents in this game, I "deserved" to win regardless of the cards that came. 
"Don't you know who I am? Don't you know that I'm more experienced, and am entitled to take all of your chips today? Yeah, I know we haven't played a hand yet... but I believe you should concede right now and hand over your money."
What a jackass way of thinking! I wasn't entitled to anything but the cards dealt, and the ability to bet in any way I see fit... THAT'S ALL!!! Why would I think any other way? Thinking I was entitled to win shows a lack of respect for my opponents and their ability, no matter what their level.  As you can guess, I got my arse handed to me that session, mainly because my ego wanted to show everyone who he was... how'd that work out for me??!!

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