Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Won't They Give The Others A Chance?

I'm sick and tired of listening to those who say that Tiger, Federer, Lance Armstrong, and the rest of the elite athletes should "step aside once in awhile, and let the others have a chance." You've got to be kidding me with this garbage! LET the others?? As if they don't have a choice to work harder, practice longer, study more? Phil Mickelson is forced to keep his man-boobs, right? Tiger calls him every night, reminding him to shove that extra doughnut down his throat? Prior to his "born-again" status, Roddick was kidnapped, handcuffed and forced to drink that 6-pack before beddie-bye time? Ahhh, I get it... he was physically tossed into those Hollywood clubs and made to stay out all night.

C'mon peoplez!! Stop hatin'!! 

The best are the best because they want it more, deserve it more, and simply work harder than the rest. Dominating their sport comes with sacrifice... "It's a lifestyle," Pete Sampras explained when asked why he didn't socialize more during his career. "It's all I do. Winning Grand Slams is all I think about..." These athletes know that getting to the top of the history books means they must do more than the rest are willing to do- more than they would even consider doing. This type of consistent success is much more than god-given talent... it's an incredible level of mental toughness and discipline. 

Peyton Manning, of the Indianapolis Colts studies film more than he sees his family. Michael Vick, on the other hand, would rather watch dogs kill each other during his spare time. Hmmm... must be a coincidence that Manning has a championship ring, while Vick was just released from prison! Kobe Bryant is in the gym at 6:30 every morning, while most others are pulling the sheets over their eyes as the sun creeps in their bedroom. I know, I know...  500 thread-count feels so good! 

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