Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Quick Stories

I was originally going to write about Tiger missing the cut at the British Open this week, but I changed my mind. He'll be o.k. He's the best that ever lived, and will prove it again this year. Instead of talking about Tiger, I have two quick stories about my Saturday morning. Amazingly, it's not even 10 am yet, and I've already learned a ton. 


I woke up this morning frustrated about the current challenges I've been going through the last couple of months. The specifics are unimportant, but they've left me searching for those missing pieces, not knowing if I'll ever find them. What's truly important to me? What should my goals be? 

Watching Logan and my two cats, Smudge and Tango play this morning helped me answer those questions. Logan has many toys to play with, all ranging from squeaky, rattly, and even toys that talk to her when she pushes a button. She has toys that could change and feed her if necessary... but what's her favorite?? USED PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES!!! Are you freakin' kidding me? She finds the greatest pleasure playing with small, empty bottles that are about to be thrown in the recycling bin. Doesn't she understand how much money was spent from family and friends to make her happy? Oh, wait... she IS happy, isn't she? She's the happiest with the simplest!  

Smudge and Tango have taught me the same lesson. Hundreds of dollars have been spent at Petco trying to keep them active and playful, but what do they enjoy the most? Yep... tissue paper and any type of plastic waste they can find! Hmmm-- maybe something to think about??


As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot this morning, I noticed a young boy on his bike handing a homeless man some cash. This kid couldn't have been older than 12, wearing a beat-up helmut, and riding a bike that looked like it could fall apart at any moment. 

I can't remember being more touched and inspired! Kids nowadays just don't act like this... they're much more interested in taking than giving anything. I bow down to you, my young friend... and pray that you become a teacher! 

Oops, you already are!! 


Erica Cano said...

You know how you tell that story.. about how you were looking for the perfect girl and once you finally stopped looking, Liane came into your life? Maybe the same thing applies to the pieces you're looking for. Stop looking so hard for them and focus on what you already have. I know at least when i grasp at something intangible it can be so difficult to attain what I'm after it's like grasping at straws. Comfort comes when you least expect it to. Keep your hands open to new possibilities, no clenched fists.

It's so easy to clench your fists in frustration, it's so difficult to remain open to the endless possibilities that life can present.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Very nice, Erica... thanks for the reminder. Also, thanks for slapping me in the face with words that I've used to wake you up in the past.

What comes around...

I love it: "Keep palms open, rather than fists clenched!"

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