Thursday, July 23, 2009

Men Vs. Women.

I teach a girl who wants to be the field goal kicker on a men's college football team next year. Should she be able to try out for the team, and would she be taken seriously by the coaches and players if given the chance?    

Indy car racing's Danica Patrick recently announced that she's seriously considering switching to Nascar, which is filled with "good-ol'-boy rednecks," who aren't too happy with her decision. Should there be a problem if she does decide to make the switch? I'm not educated enough to talk in detail about the racing scene, but I definitely have strong opinions about women competing with the men.  

A few years ago, Michelle Wie was given the opportunity to play on the PGA tour against the men, which led to many heated debates on the subject. I don't have a problem with women competing with the men if there isn't a women's league. Ie: Car racing and football. If there's a woman who can kick further or race faster, by all means, she should be allowed to compete. When Michelle was given a sponsor's exemption, she took a spot away from a man who could've qualified for that tournament, which ultimately took food from his family's mouth. She has a tour to play on... she should've stayed there with her peers! 
I've had this same discussion with my students about Serena Williams' ability to compete against the top men tennis players in the world. Sorry to say to those who view Serena as this muscle-bound, super woman, who is as strong as most men... 


To be frank, she couldn't beat the #3 player on UCLA's men's team- they simply hit too hard and are too athletic. Williams is an amazing competitor, who could arguably be considered the best woman ever to play the game, but would never make it against the men. Serena has also gone on record, saying that the women should make the same amount of money as the men on the tennis court. I totally disagree! The women play 2-3 sets, which may lead to a 2 1/2 hour match, where the men play 3-5 sets, easily reaching 4 hour mark. I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but sorry... they're just not playing the same game, which means they shouldn't be paid as if they are. 

There's nothing wrong with being different. Some are born with blonde hair, others with black... some skinny, others muscular. Take me, for example: I'm incredibly good looking and sexy as hell- don't be mad! You and I are just different, not better or worse... only different.   


Marisa Phillips said...

As a woman, I am shocked and astonished to say this... I don't think women have a place on men's teams. Don't get me wrong, I believe in equal rights. However, we just aren't built the same. Would the men still play the same with a woman on the team? Would they tread lightly and try not to hurt her? I applaud her courage and envy her determination. But maybe her energy could be better spent lobbying like-minded women into forming their own team....
(I am ready to hit the post button, but fear the backlash that might ensue!)

Dayne Gingrich said...

WOW! I'm surprised to hear you say that women shouldn't play with the men. I don't really have a problem, if the girls don't have another option. If Mary wants to try and become the field goal kicker, and she's better than any of the boys, she should have that spot.

If she wanted to try out for running back, I also believe she should be given the chance... but have an ambulance on hand for the inevitable hospital ride that would ensue.

Erica Cano said...

haha.. it is exactly like our conversation today ha