Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are You Kidding Me? He Didn't Deserve To Win!

I've been getting bombarded by Roddick fans about how well he played against Federer in the Wimbledon finals. They all believe that Roger shouldn't have won the match because Andy played so much better. 

"Roddick outplayed Federer, without question..."

"Andy's backhand was so sick - Federer couldn't stop it..."

"Andy should've easily beaten Roger in 4 sets..."

"Federer got so lucky..."

"Federer couldn't touch Roddick's serve - he didn't get broken until the last game..." 

These statements may have merit, but they're missing a few important ingredients: 

Who broke Roddick's serve the very last game?

Who was holding the trophy and giving his acceptance speech?

Who holds the all-time record for Grand Slams won?

(Oh... and who was crying on the podium after the match??)

Roddick looked great, and may have played the best match of his life, but it wasn't enough. The reason he didn't win this match is why I started Coach Your Mind. He lost because he didn't handle the pressure of the situation as well as Federer. He lost because he couldn't find that extra level of focus... WHEN HE NEEDED IT! 

Point-for-point, he may have outplayed Roger... but when those points mattered most, Roger clearly won the battle. Andy was up 6-2 in the 2nd set tiebreaker (first to 7 wins), with a simple backhand volley to to win the set, which would've ultimately won him the match. Being up 2 sets would've most likely ensured the win. What happened with that shot? Did he forget how to volley all of a sudden? No! The pressure of the moment was too much for him, mentally. 

Stop telling me that Roddick should've won because he "played better than Roger"... he didn't win, and didn't deserve to win. Strokes aren't enough! Quickness isn't enough! Ripped abs aren't enough! His mind was stronger than it usually is, but during the huge points in the Wimbledon finals, Federer outplayed him... without question!