Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Know... Do You?

They ask me how I "know" I'm going to reach my goals? Where's the evidence that it can be done?

I just know! I don't need evidence when I know.

I know, without a single doubt, that my goals will be met. There's no "hope" in my mind. Knowing without evidence to back up my goals is a special kind of commitment, and can't be explained. Most actually think it's crazy to attempt goals unless there's specific evidence to back them up. I don't need evidence because...

I know!

I see the finish line... which ironically can't be finished... only improved. But I see it clear as day. I feel it with an intensity impossible to put in words. I've practiced achieving every single day, from morning to night. It hasn't always gone well, but I've practiced. And still...

I know!

They (the 99%) tell me it's ludicrous to "know" something that hasn't happened yet. They say I should hope, and work off the assumption that if I work hard enough, it "may happen." They repeat daily, "There's no guarantees. Have a backup plan, just in case it doesn't work out." Having this safety net would insure failure. Instead of hoping and creating a backup plan...

I know!

Do you need evidence from the past to give you the courage to move forward? Do you hope or...

Do you know?


Rettakat said...

Hope is very powerful... it's what got me started. But somewhere along the line, it morphed into KNOWING, and that feels even MORE powerful.

I'm going through a rough patch right now, yet I know, somehow, I will still get there.

Thanks Coach Dayne, this is exactly what I needed to read today!

Liane said...

Hi, Loretta. Sorry to hear you're going through tough time, but glad to hear you KNOW you'll get through it all.

Your type of fight, I wish more people had. You always give off the vibe that nothing will stop you!

Thanks for stopping by.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Sorry, Loretta ... the last message was from me (on my wife's google acct. oops!)


Calli said...

I have been always one to HOPE and, thankfully, it has evolved, over time into a KNOWINGNESS.

I love how you always post exactly what I need each time I visit, Dayne.

Happy belated Valentine's Day and thank you!


mom said ... said...

Very interesting post. I do think we hear the word "hopefully" a lot. I think about that often.