Monday, June 13, 2011

Letting Go...

When we try, we don't. When we let go, we do!

Growing up playing sports, this was a common theme. The harder we tried to win, the less likely it would happen. The tighter we squeezed the bat or tennis racquet, the less relaxed our muscles became, not allowing for a relaxed swing. This same concept plays an important role in every part of our lives, as it relates to achieving something out of our comfort zones.

When we're passionate, our instincts tell us to "try harder" to grab ahold of that goal. Instead, we need to create a new instinct that instructs us to "let go." Let go of the outcome, and hang on to the details needed to achieve the outcome. Let go of the stress associated with the end result, and paint a mental picture of how it will manifest. Let go of the expectations of such lofty goals, and step consistently towards that next level.

When we squeeze that driver, wanting to hit it 310 yards, our muscles tighten, our breathe becomes shallow and constricted, and relaxation becomes an afterthought. "I'm going to crush this ball" is the last thought our mind hears, ultimately producing a drive that my 2 1/2 year old daughter would laugh at. Instead, let go of desired results, see and feel the shot, and accept all possible outcomes. This type of thinking will create and instant relaxation of the muscles, allowing the body to produce the shot visualized.

"I'm going to try and lose 25 lbs" is another common theme among my students. This also creates a focus that doesn't allow long term relaxation. It may produce short term results, but it rarely lasts, and the process can be mentally painful, to say the least. Instead, concentrate on enjoying the long term, daily actions that will create a healthier and freeing lifestyle. Rather than "trying to lose weight," love the opportunity to become a new person, inside and out, and create new habits that will change lives forever. When we think like this, the negative pressure disappears, and shifts the focus from possible failure to probable success. Let go of losing weight. Relish the steps that will create a new future. Let go of knowing you have to eat better and exercise more. Embrace the happiness that will ultimately flow into your life.

Surrender to the process of every challenge, letting go of the pressures attached with results. When we try, we don't. When we let go, we do!

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