Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's It Gonna Be?

A student's mom recently emailed me, asking why her son wasn't fighting when things became tough. She thought it was my responsibility to make him battle, and love the pressure. I agree that I'm responsible for teaching him why he should fight, give him tools to make that fight easier... but only HE can make it happen!

I can't teach heart. I can't make you do anything you're not committed to doing. The 1% mindset is exactly that - a mindset, created by you, fulfilled by you. When you ask for my help, I'll give you my opinion on the best strategy that will maximize your chances of reaching goals ... but only you can take the necessary action.

When you hit three bad shots in a row, I'll suggest ways of keeping you focused on the next shot ... but you must be committed and discipline enough to make it happen.

When you walk two batters in a row, I'll give you mental tools to keep you focused on the very next pitch, helping you to stay in the moment ... but you must be fearless enough to attack the next batter, as if you hadn't walked anyone.

I'll create specific visualizations to help train your subconscious to learn a desired outcome ... but you must take the time to close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing, and see it all happening.

I can't teach heart. That's up to you! The fight is in your hands; in your control. It's your choice. What's it gonna be?

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