Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Win Because You've Lost

Most don't understand the power of failure. The majority spend their day avoiding it at all cost because they've been programmed to believe failure is the opposite of success. In reality, failure is the seed success is born from.

When I speak to those striving to reach their "next level," I make sure they understand I'm where I am strictly because of the failures in my life. I don't speak from a place of success, but rather from a place of rock bottom. Everyone has failed and can relate to the emotions associated, but not many understand the power each failure holds for their future.

Instead of constantly looking for ways to succeed, create a mindset of designing a path of risk and potential failure. If you do fall, stay there longer than you normally would - embrace this time, learn it's power, and rise higher because of it. Fall hard, climb high.

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