Monday, February 4, 2013

From Great To Ridiculous

Today's post is about Joe Flacco, not because he won the Super Bowl, but instead because he demonstrated a self belief unmatched. Last year, he turned down a "great" contract, believing he'd prove to his team's ownership he deserved a ridiculous one. He believed he was an NFL top 5 quarterback, and deserved that type of money. By rejecting the contract that was on the table, he was risking it all - a poor showing in 2012-2013, not only wouldn't he receive a top 5 cash, but he may be offered less than the original sum previously offered.

He didn't focus on "What if I fail!" His self belief ran so deep, there was no question he'd prove that he belonged in the same sentence as the elite quarterbacks of today. Some would say Flacco was gambling with his future, but undoubtedly, he'd say it was a sure thing!

This type of confidence can't be taught - examples can only be shown and explained how invaluable it is as you strive for 1% Success. Joe Flacco turned down great for ridiculous. This season's performance proved it wasn't a gamble!


Alex said...

"This type of confidence can't be taught".

So, if it can not be taught, how do we go about acquiring such self confidence ?

BTW - I love your work coach.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks, Alex ...

Confidence is a tricky thing. I can teach you what to DO to be confident, why you SHOULD be confident, how it'll help your game ... but it's still your choice to BE confident.

Make sense?

I've worked with plenty of people who should've been confident, but chose to remain fearful and doubtful. They were winning, or getting straight A's, but always found something wrong with their situation - their CHOICE.

Confidence is a decision, not an outcome. The process of improvement, I can help you with, but you still must decide to believe in yourself and create a snowball affect of confidence.

Keep attacking fearlessly, Alex!