Friday, February 19, 2010

What's Your Opinion On The Subject?

When I close my eyes, it's clear as day. I can smell, touch, and feel it with every nerve in my body.

When they open, it becomes blurry... 


What do you make of it?


Anonymous said...

I always hunt for perfection. I haven't found it yet, but I'm happy with that, and I appreciate where I am now. I think people get into trouble when they are never satisfied with what they have achieved.

I believe in always striving for more, but I'm happy with where I am today.

Bendigo said...

I haven't decided what my idea of perfection is yet....But hey I'm only in my 40's and I'm sure before I die I'll know exactly what it was... You have started me thinking yet again...

Good good question!!!

Sarah said...

don't start--i just accepted the fact that i'm not perfect, nor will my work be.

Deborah said...

It is very hard to find perfection to me anyways. I know my daughter has to be "Perfect" in everything she does, I blame that on the artist in her...I may think her artwork is beautiful and she will find fault with it. I'm happy with pretty much anything, I don't think I'm a "perfectionist" at all!I'm usually just happy even when I stressed to the max...
I hope you have a nice weekend!

Dayne Gingrich said...

This question was a semi-trick question.

We have to look at it in two parts, and find the most critical aspects.

This question is all about process vs. outcome... a subject I'm totally addicted to, as it pertains to every part of our lives, whether we're athletes, students, trying to create healthier bodies and minds... whatever.

The 'Hunt' is the process... where we should be living most all of our days.

The 'Perfection' is the outcome. We need to about it's possibilities, yet we can't be focused on it during our days.

We need a specific result, otherwise we'd be zig-zagging through life, not knowing where to go, or how to get there. The trick that we all are trying to figure out is how to put emphasis on the outcome, without allowing our minds to be consumed with it. WE DON'T HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THE OUTCOME!!! We can influence it, but we'll never have complete control.

The process (hunt), on the other hand... we DO have total control over. It's our every day decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is where the outcome is born out of. This is where we need to live our every minutes. Our "walk" should be consumed with the process... the hunt!

So, it's definitely o.k. to want perfection (knowing it may not be possible... as long as we make our minds concentrate on the hunt every breathing minute!

That's MY take on the question... any thoughts?


Rettakat said...

I never, ever, EVER focus on perfection, or make that my goal or the outcome of a process, or any part of an equation.

Why so vehement??? Because it's an illusion. And it's quest ends in either disillusionment or self-deception.

My motto: Progress, not perfection.

My favorite word to describe my standards: EXCELLENCE.

That is totally different than perfection.

Well, that's MY short take on it. :-D

Written by an EX-perfectionist, who spent years getting free from the painful consequences of perfectionist thinking. :-)