Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Word Of The Day Is...

With the Winter Olympics upon us, I'm instantly drawn to the many topics and story lines developing every day. The Olympic games are the peak of mental and emotional toughness, and for some athletes, the single moment that will define their careers.

Breaking down the competition to it's simplest form: They're attempting to elevate their performance to it's maximum potential while under maximum pressure.

Elevate: To move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up.

Most Olympic athletes train for years in order to perform for seconds. Some are given the luxury of minutes, but all are attempting to find the mental clarity that will allow them to find the race, skate, run, or jump of a lifetime.

We're all looking (or should be) to "elevate our game" to new heights, often times needing a simple reminder... the honest look in the mirror that convinces us the new levels we seek are there, and that we do deserve to reach that summit. Are we looking at our reflection often enough, asking the proper and powerful questions? Do we ask, "how, when, what will I?" Do we push back when the pain of action tests our convictions, and dares us to quit?

We don't have to be Olympic athletes to understand how valuable daily persistence and discipline can be to our lives. All of us who have decided to commit to a life changing goal are closer to these athletes than we know. Pain, fatigue, doubt... positive action, confidence, and breakthroughs are all part of our routines, and speak to us daily. We've all felt the urge to quit - maybe some of us actually have... but if you're reading this, it means you've stood up, dusted off, and continued your walk.

When you turn on your t.v. and witness the incredible accomplishments of these young kids competing for their country, remember... they're representing you and your daily achievements! You too are elevating. You too are climbing to a higher standard.


Sarah said...

it never ceased to amaze me when i watched the game. they all are my heros.

Matty said...

You are spot on when you say that they train for years to perform for seconds. Isn't that amazing? And for many, a single defining moment.

How many of us train to elevate our performance to it's maximum potential while under maximum pressure. The military? Law enforcement? A parent?

Anonymous said...

任何事都是由一個決心,一顆種子開始。 ..................................................

Rettakat said...

I love watching the Olympics, but what I appreciate even more is when we get to hear the stories behind the scenes of these athletes. They are just amazing and inspiring. Those stories along with the achievements of the Olympians always remind me that we are capable of more than we realize, it only we believe it and are willing to make the effort.

Thank you for your comment on my blog... what you said about creating a NEW mindset, and not trying to improve the old, made a lot of sense.


Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah! We won the first Gold medal for the skeleton run!
Thank you, Amy Williams!!!!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Elevating our game is so crucial in changing, or creating anything in our lives.

We should be focused on this every day.

"How can I elevate? What needs to get done, that isn't?"
It's sooo easy to just keep on doing what we've been doing, especially if we're "doing" pretty well. There's always better than what we're currently doing, though. It takes a special type of person, or mindset, that can look and say,

"Yeah, I'm really doing well... but I want even more!"

It takes quite a bit of discipline to 'create new' when our current state isn't feeling vulnerable... yeah?

spldbch said...

In our drive to be better -- to elevate ourselves -- it is also important to remember that we are good enough as we are. Wanting to better yourself is a worthy goal. However, it becomes detrimental to our self-esteem when the reason we want to be better is because we feel like we aren't good enough as we are. The thing to remember is, "I'm good enough as I am AND I want to be better."