Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can You Believe This...

I'm why you'll ultimately reach your next level, and the very reason you won't. I live in you, around you, I'm with you every minute, and I'm what many try to take away from you. I've been coached, trained, and talked about, but you're the only one who can make me come to life.

You've had moments of feeling my power and ability to take you places you've aspired to reach, but for some reason have a difficult time making me part of your every day. You continue to ask questions about me, yet rarely have the courage to look me square in the face and make me stick around. You seem to hope I will hang out for awhile, and even love my company... but can't make the conscious decision to demand I stay permanently.

Why is this?

Are you afraid of what you'll see if I do make a habit of living with you? Maybe the changes in you will be too drastic? Will the success you create during my stay make you uncomfortable?

Self Belief is my name... and changing futures is my game! (Yeah, yeah - I know that was cheesy... but still true). What will it take to truly believe in yourself? How much evidence do you need? Ahhh, this is really the problem. Most wait for the evidence to arrive before they begin believing in themselves, but waiting is the biggest issue. We first have to believe from the inside; believe in our potential and the possibilities. Once this happens, the "evidence" will show it's face. This concept is counterintuitive, making most people think the opposite to be true, continuing the negative cycle of self doubt.

"I think I can do it, but I'm going to wait for the results before I'll really believe."


"So many friends say that I have the talent, but if I had that much talent, I'd be winning consistently. I'll believe in myself when the winning begins."



This type of thinking is exactly why those people rarely ever see the positive results, and why they seem to live a life full of self doubt. If you're an athlete, looking for that higher level... believe with unwavering confidence that you absolutely WILL attain your goals. If you're trying to lose those extra pounds, first believe you deserve to be healthier, then believe with all your being that you will grab ahold of your goals... no matter how much work it takes or how much you have to sacrifice.

"The moment we believe it to be possible... it instantly becomes probable."




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Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

This week for me has been all about focusing on the positives, April 09' I had no self-belief in myself, i was useless, worthless etc. June 10' I might have been struggling for the last couple of months but I believe in myself and that i can achieve my goal.

For me it's not just self-belief but also Perseverance & Determination

Great post as always coach, lots for me to think on

Dayne Gingrich said...

Great to hear you're fighting the fight, not allowing yourself to quit. It's definitely about perseverance and determination... but those can't happen w/out self belief, yeah?

You're an inspiration, Phil!!