Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You, Me, Them... We're All The Same

Coach Your Mind works with many athletes, but isn't exclusive to these athletes. When I created CYM, I made a promise to myself that whoever reached out would be helped to the best of my abilities. Yes, I'm an athlete, grew up as one, think like one... but I'm also a husband, father, someone who struggled with grades in school, feared anything new, and ran away from failure. I was the model my business was built around. When I look in the mirror, I see each and every person I've worked with and remember the pain, self doubt, and anxiety they once felt (and sometimes still feel). I also know what it feels like to look at those negatives, say "enough," and grab the success we all deserve... just as my students have learned.

I know them... I am them!

Many years ago before CYM, I was flipping the channels and came across a man with dread locks speaking to an audience of over 5,000. He was animated, walking from one side of the stage to the other, and sweating profusely. His energy instantly grabbed me and wouldn't let go, as if I was supposed to sit down and watch the rest of his show. I didn't know what he was talking about, but I was definitely going to find out.

I began sitting, but by the time he was finished, I was standing and pacing back and forth with him. He was amazing! I don't remember this speaker's name, but I do recall three questions he constantly asked his audience. I remember because I wrote them down, put them in my wallet, and look at them every day. These three questions eventually changed my life, and continue to help me grow to the 1% I strive for.

How can I grow?

How can I give?

What can I celebrate?

We don't have to be athletes to ask these questions - we only need a deep passion for wanting to become new, better, and more! How would your life be affected if you asked these questions on a daily basis? 
If we ask, answers will find us.  

Try... I dare you!


Bendigo said...

I'm a sucker for a dare, so I accept...This has now been added to the desk..Thanks for all the great stuff you have provided me in such a short time...

Rettakat said...

At first, I thought this was okay... nice.. heard it before, etc. Then, I slowed down and REALLY read the questions, and tried out a sample answer, just for today.

Ahhh... what a tool to focus on now, today! What a tool to help to remember priorities...

And then I even realized that I liked the ORDER the questions came in. First, to Grow... to build up something within.

Then, I would HAVE something of value to Give. This one dovetailed with one I try to remember daily (yet so often forget, since I didn't write it down and read it daily!) which is to "love God and love others".

Lastly, I love that it ended with Celebration! Focusing on the good, on things to feel thankful for, to celebrate.

Okay, I join the challenge with Bendigo... I'm writing it down and putting it next to the computer.

Thank you for another excellent post!

MonBon said...

ok so daily is the dare?
Dare Day One!
Ok I am in! Let me see if I can answer them right now and make this my first day.

How can I grow? By believing I can grow, I will grow

How can I give? By giving to others, I am giving to myself.

What can I celebrate? I can celebrate today because I was not selfish and took the time to help a poor little bird who needed someone to lend him a helping hand.

Thanks for the challenge! your right you don't have to be an athlete to ask yourself and find answers to these questions.

心良 said...

忙碌的一天終於過了,來看看文章轉換心情,也幫你加個油哦~ ..................................................

Dayne Gingrich said...

Wow... I'm sooo impressed! You all stepped right up and took the dare - and hit a home run!!!

Please let me know how the process develops.

Anonymous said...

you‘re so smart!............................................................