Thursday, October 14, 2010

Such A Simple, Little Question

Why not? 

These two words can change our lives... but we first must take the time to look inside the question.

Why not take that risk?

Why not quit the job we hate so much?

Why not start the career we've talked about since we were in high school?

Why not stop smoking?

Why not lose weight?

Why not practice more?

Why not?

The ironic part of this simple question is we already know the answer. If we know the solution, why not take action and move forward? Won't the answer to this question change our current situation? Why do we allow the answer to sit by itself in the dark, while we continue to live in the dark?

Such a simple, little question.

What's your answer?


Bruce Coltin said...

Because we are not willing to pay the price.

Bendigo said...

I agree with Bruce to a point. I'm convinced that at least from my experience many times "why not" came into play simply because of fear. Fear of failure and fear of success. Either wondering if I wasn't good enough or fearful that I was good enough and that the success I was dreaming of would not measure up to my vision of what it should be.....

Fear...enemy and ally all in one..

Olivia said...

Why Not?


And one day I got so sick of living in fear, that when I asked the question WHY NOT? There was no answer.

:) Great post. Short, but loaded.

Dayne Gingrich said...

"Got so sick of fear... after awhile, there was no answer."