Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Not Me?

I was working with a student last week, talking about his goal setting, and how important it is for them to be lofty. The conversation soon turned into a mild debate about why he should keep striving for them.

"I've never done it before. Because it hasn't happened means it never will," he kept saying.

STOP RIGHT HERE!! Read his quote again, and think about it for a second.

Nothing's ever happened before it's happened. There has to be a first time! If we don't believe it will happen, it never will. Know, with unwavering certainty, that your goals, passions, and motivations will manifest.

Our path should always be about the steps we take, whether we achieve or not. Keep stepping towards those dreams, continue laughing in the face of fear, and keep asking...

"Why not me?"

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