Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dare To Be 1%

Becoming the 1% means doing whatever it takes to separate from the pack. The elite instinctively understand that if everyone's doing and saying (it), something must be wrong. If the entire pack is walking (this) way, it must not be special. It's counterintuitive, yes, but next level success is born from the ability to look left when everyone else is looking right.

There's only been one Michael Jordan - uniquely intense, competitive, and hyper-focused under pressure. He's my 1% prototype. There have been many great players before and after him, but none that compare to his all around determination and will to dominate under maximum pressure. All of this, from a player who FAILED to make his high school varsity team as a sophomore. MJ had no doubt he'd be special, even after his coach's rejection. Was he born with it? Who knows. Did he work for it? Absolutely!

Pre 2009 (and front nine 2011 Masters) Tiger Woods also encompasses what it means to be at the top of the 1% food chain. His ability to, not only dominate an entire tournament field, but also physically and especially mentally prepare more intensely, separated him from the pack. His dad, an unofficial mental coach, prepared Tiger as early as 10 years old. Every practice session, he'd work on Tiger's mental game, knowing this would be the key to his greatness. Everyone has a great swing, he helped young Tiger understand... yet not everyone has a strong mind when the pressure's screaming at them during competition. When the current Tiger Woods finds that instinct that's laying dormant inside, he'll prove once again what a dominant role the mental game plays while attempting to separate from a physically talented field.

Are you listening to the majority, as it relates to your own greatness? Keep searching for that person standing alone on a platform preaching new, better, and different. Maybe... just maybe his words and actions will lead you down a unique path... a 1% path!


Rettakat said...

" ...he'd work on Tiger's mental game, knowing this would be the key to his greatness."

Lots to think about in this post. I can see some mistakes I've been making...

Mental toughness. Hmmmm...

Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post. I have homework to do!


Tina K said...

I love this post! In my blog I wrote that I want to run a marathon - but really I want to BE a marathon runner! That's a whole different concept and changes the thought process. We are what we tell ourselves we are! But we have to live it and breathe it and BE it! Thanks!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Loretta, you're very mentally tough! You've proven it through all of your actions... working your butt off.

Tina, what you said is so true... such a difference between running it & being a runner! FEEL it... and you'll become it!