Monday, July 4, 2011

It's A Delicate Balance

Know your strengths, develop them into weapons, but also be aware of when they're turning into weaknesses!

My biggest strengths are my aggression and my intensity. I've learned through years of competing, the more aggressive competitor wins a higher percentage of the time. I've developed the ability to take this aggression to another, more explosive level when needed. I always feel I can "out-aggress" my opponents under pressure, which in the long run, gives me a huge advantage over them. This aggression, if not watched carefully, can backfire and turn into recklessness. I must be aware of when I'm crossing this thin line, and be able to reel it in. This is a skill set in itself, but knowing how to achieve this delicate balance can be the difference between achieving my goals, or falling short.

Since I was very young, I've had the ability to become super intense and take focus to the extreme. During competition, these qualities can be huge weapons, especially during pressure packed moments. I'm able to quiet my body and mind to the point where I have complete tunnel vision. I, literally, can't see or hear anything in my peripheral. I only see my target, and mentally calculate the best way of getting there. This process is best achieved when I focus all my attention inward, leaving many opponents viewing me as cocky or arrogant. When I'm competing at my best, I don't talk, and especially never give compliments. Compliments make my opponents feel comfortable... why would I ever want them feeling comfortable?! During highly competitive situations, these are my biggest weapons, creating instant advantages, BUT become weaknesses outside the competitive arena. If I'm not careful, this focused intensity can turn into solitude and selfishness.

We must fully understand our strengths, and the potential they have to turn into major weapons, all while being hyper aware of when they begin turning against us. While you're competing, never be afraid to take these qualities to the maximum level. Attempting to stretch past your normal comfort zone is the only way to achieve greatness!


Sarah said...

An interesting insight into a competitor's mind!

Dayne Gingrich said...

...but it spent only apply to the competitor, Sarah. We all have strengths and weaknesses... many of which are connected.