Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm An Illusion

My name is Fear, and I dominate you. I control your every thought, and manipulate your daily actions. Because of me, you're unable to move forward towards your goals. Actually, due to my hold on you, you don't even set many goals. You view short term failure as guaranteed long term failure.

I have you handcuffed to the type of thinking that keeps you stationary - often times moving, but always standing still. My name is Fear, and I make sure you think of me the moment you awaken until the second you fall asleep. Many nights are filled with dreams of me, unable to find a way out of my grasp. I make you believe you don't have any control over your future. I hold you to a truth that, in reality, is a lie. I own you ... or so you believe.

Because of me, you view new experiences as opportunities to fall, unable to step past comfort zones. It's these comfort zones that I use against you. I make you believe that outside your natural comfort awaits insecurity and eventual failure. I am Fear, and you are holding on tight. We have a love / hate relationship. You know, deep down, I'm holding you back, yet you still love my familiarity. Fear is a crazy thing, isn't it. I make you feel comfort, knowing you're too weak to take a leap of faith.

I paralyze you to the point of giving up. You want more, but don't know how to pry my fingers from your wrists. Maybe you try once in awhile, but I've grown strong. My strength comes from your inability to fight. You quit, I win.

Thank goodness you don't understand I'm an illusion. I'm the power of your imagination. The same way you've allowed me to own your actions is, ironically, the way you'll get rid of me. My name is Fear. Do you believe in me?


The Tame Lion said...

Nice! Fascinating!
Well done, Dayne!
Keep it coming!!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thank you! I wrote this letter to myself 10 years ago!