Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1% Success Is A Mindset

Everything we say, do, and believe is a direct result of our mindset. In order to improve in any facet of our life, priority must first be put on our everyday belief system. I was taught at an early age that how I practiced would dictate my outcome, yet never told that the way I practiced stemmed from my thoughts. I was a slave to my thinking, never knowing the role it played in the outcome I achieved.

Focus on your mindset! Concentrate on what you choose to think and believe, as this will instantly affect the action you take.

"John" recently left me a desperate voice mail, explaining the different reasons he played poorly in his last tournament. He chose to put on his "negative lenses," focusing on the trouble in front of him. During play, he viewed all that could go wrong, and when it did, his inner conversation sounded like this:

"I knew it! I knew I would hit a bad shot. It never fails... whenever I'm faced with pressure, I always find a way to screw it up."

Most believe the solution is practicing more, and fine-tuning those bad shots. In this type of mindset, they believe that if the bad shots are fixed, they won't be subjected to the above type of self-talk. Unfortunately, this isn't how it works. To insure better results, we must improve self-talk. Thoughts first, outcome second.

John chose to view pressure as an opportunity to make mistakes. This is absolutely a choice! When he chooses, instead, to view pressure as an opportunity to create a 1% Mindset, his thought patterns will be geared towards the positive outcome. Because this type of thinking creates confidence, his actions will become more aggressive and definite. His inner conversation will quickly change...

"I love these moments-- they allow me to separate from the pack. What a great opportunity to improve. Right now! This shot! Attack fearlessly!"

Place just as much attention on your mindset as you do your actions, and you'll instantly notice a change in those actions. What you do is attached to how you think. During your next personal challenge, make it a priority to concentrate on how you're looking at the situation. If you hear yourself going to that negative place, without judgement, switch it to what you'd like to have happen... what you know will happen. 

This type of mindset change is a constant battle between fear and confidence. Stay discipline, continually switching the doubt into belief. Greatness is a choice that is born from your thoughts!


Dr P. Poorluk said...

Great post Coach! And also true. I've won many an arm wrestling match against stronger opponents just due to mindset. Same can be said in all areas.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks, Dr P.

Mindset dictates everything, tangible or not. I'm embarrassed to say, but I remember getting crushed by my mom in an arm wrestling match when I was 12 or so... simply because she psyched me out.

Yep... my mom!

Gem said...

Great post Dayne, always good to remember when I'm trying to move to the next stage of my life! Success is a product of me, not what happens to me.


Dayne Gingrich said...

Thx, Gem... It's so easy to get wrapped up in the daily happening TO us, rather than taking control.

Our mindset truly does dictate ever action we take. Good luck on your goals. Please keep me updated on your progress!


Kirpal Singh singh said...

Mr.Dayne Gingrich - I agree with you from scientific point of view of this era. There is science in Indian Vedas. There a automate type hole where nerves control the mind. This hole these days even neurologist could not locate. When we think or meditate light and thoughts start gthering in that nerve hole automate. As there is no end of collecting information in the Computer - similarly there is no end of collecting thoughts,lights etc in that hole nerve system of mind. In the old age that system does not work properly. There are unaccountable nerves in that system which are leading to materialistic life. I am doing meditational research on vedas - let me complete and know the technique how to expose.
With regards
Kirpal Singh