Monday, August 6, 2012

I Blame The Announcer

Mckayla Maroney, USA's top Olympic vaulter, and huge favorite to win gold in that event, proves you must do more than show up if you want to win.

During Sunday's broadcast, the announcer gushed over how big of a favorite McKayla was to walk away with the gold, repeating over and over, that it would be impossible for her to lose. "There's never been a bigger favorite in Olympic history to walk away with a gold medal," he continued mentioning. As I watched, listening to to him praise the automatic win, I told my wife I had a bad feeling about what was about to happen. Alarms in my head tend to sound when someone talks about a guaranteed win before any action has taken place.

This "guaranteed gold," which turned into silver, is an example to all of us - the only thing that matters is what we do! Talking about how much you want it and how talented you are means nothing without the hours of action backing up those words. Of course, Maroney worked tirelessly to achieve the obvious skill she has, but as proven when she sat down on her second vault ... action is the determining factor in every result we acquire!

Be fearless. Believe it's coming. Work harder than you think is possible!

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