Monday, November 5, 2012

I AM Having Fun

Someone recently suggested to me that I should have more fun. "Life's too short," he reminded me. Life IS short, which is why I stopped having the fun I used to regularly take part in. My life used to be full of nonstop fun, screwing around and achieving nothing. I'm through with that type of "fun!"

Waking up at 4:00 am is fun, knowing I'm teaching my daughter she can have anything her imagination can picture - all it takes is a willingness to work harder than the majority surrounding her. 

The past kind of fun I took part in would've taught her how to be lazy and afraid. It would've shown her that mediocrity is an o.k. way to live and taking risks isn't a normal part of life. The type of fun I used to have would've kept me out of her life the majority of nights and weekends, as I high-fived buddies and lived for the football team of my choice. 

The old fun was exciting ... and selfish. My new fun is committed ... and dedicated to my family's future and legacy! 


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