Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Raise Your Expectations

I wanted to share four outcome goals an athlete of mine wrote down, regarding an upcoming soccer tournament she has:

1. No goals scored on us. If it happens, I'll take full responsibility.

2. I'll have huge impact on the field. My opponents will envy or hate me - no other option.

3. Make someone cry.

4. Sign a Division 1 scholarship on the spot from one of the many college coaches watching.

To most, these goals sound aggressive, cocky, maybe even arrogant. Why does she want an opponent to cry or hate her? Why will she feel responsible in a team sport? This athlete is willing to put the entire team on her back, and do whatever it takes to separate from the pack. She's completely uninterested in being liked on the field ... only respected and feared. She's a beast during competition, and is why at 16 years old, already has D1 offers on the table. 

To achieve what they won't, you must do what they can't. Raise the bar for yourself!

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