Friday, December 28, 2012

Commit To Pain

"You want to have what I have but don't want to do what I do."

Many talk about reaching higher plateaus and becoming more successful, but few will do what it takes to get there. The next level isn't sexy ... it's sweaty! You need to get dirty, bleed, and reach total exhaustion. The 1%, not only understand this, they love it! 

Commit to pain, experience pleasure. 


Rettakat said...

I think sometimes we cherry pick which advice to follow... and resist parts we don't like. It took me TWO FULL YEARS to follow your advice to let go of a "friendship" that was draining and counter-productive. I thought that friends overlooked things, forgave and accepted... I kept focusing on the good parts, and ignoring the negative parts.

Yet, it wasn't until after we stopped interacting that I realized how much this person's negativity had influenced me. I would read something... even your stuff... and hear their words of doubt, skepticism and criticism pop up in my head!!

We had a misunderstanding that started the separation of our friendship.. yet I finally realized how differently we thought. This was painful to do, to really let go of that relationship. But it's for the best, for both of us.

Keep telling the truth, Coach Dayne... and sooner or later it will sink in!

Dayne Gingrich said...

It IS definitely tough to shed those friendships ... but if they were true friends, they'd support and build us, no matter our goals, etc.

It can be lonely while we lose the negative influences around us, but only until we attract more of those like us. When we stop settling for 90% friendship and only accept 100%, we'll instantly begin attracting like minds with like goals and motivations.

I'm so happy that you're making this sacrifice, Loretta ... it'll be worth it in the long term.