Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't Believe The Hype

Statistics don't make you ... you make the statistics!

They're made from people who don't believe they can go beyond what the numbers have said for years. Only a small, special few have come along and said to themselves, "I don't care what the stats have said in the past, I can and will change them!" Why can't that be you?

If you don't believe you can go above and beyond what others have done in the past, regardless of the odds, you've instantly limited your success. I used to believe in statistics and only thought I could reach a specific level in my life, but over time and consistent battle against that instinct, I've proven myself and THEM wrong!

Don't believe what they tell you - if you want something, and can't stop thinking about it 25/8, 366, then you must attack. Statistics were created by those who couldn't see beyond impossible. The 1%, however, are Driven By Impossible. Be the 1%!

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