Saturday, October 10, 2009

Energy + Energy = More Energy!

I wasn't planning on writing anything this morning, but felt I had to share. I just got off the phone w/ a "new friend" of mine who was talking about the pain he's going through. The details of his challenges are unimportant, but the emotion of the conversation is what I wanted to write about. 

The energy he conveyed, even though it was a negative, painful energy was inspiring. I know "inspiring" is usually saved for positive experiences, but positive is relative and comes in many different shades. The fact that he found enough confidence to make the phone call and expose himself inspired me and made me feel incredible energy. Energy is the one thing we all share with everyone and everything on the planet~ everything, when you break it down to it's raw form, is pure energy. The emotion he was exuding had become contagious, making me want to help him... or at the very least, just listen and validate. 

His energy made me feel energetic, wanting to share it with you... hopefully the cycle will continue. I think it's important for us to be aware of the energy we're giving off to others, negative or positive because it definitely has it's affects. My wife, for example, is extremely sensitive to people's energy and emotions, making her experience what they're feeling. It's actually something she can't control, which is a wonderful gift, but can be a challenge too. If she doesn't attempt to put a "wall" around herself sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Imagine having the ability to consume other's energy, emotions and feelings, internally experiencing their pain or joy... 

Actually, you DO have this power.

We all have this ability, yet some are just more in tune with the process... just as we all have the ability to give off our energy to others. Energy begets energy, which is why we should always try to make others feel our most positive and creative emotions. We rarely focus on how our feelings affect other people, which very often makes us react without thinking of the possible consequences. 

Here's a lesson I learned from a teacher of mine, regarding "linking." Linking is is what happens to us unconsciously when we experience something enough times over and over.

A man comes home from work in a great mood... but when he walks in the house, his wife greets him and explains what a horrible, frustrating day she had. They talk, and eventually move on.

The next two days, the same man comes home in great moods once again... but his wife had more horrible, frustrating days and explains the details to him the minute he walks in the door. Three days in a row: Good mood man sees bad mood woman first thing.

The fourth day, same man walks in the door after having a wonderful day... sees his wife, and before she can say a word, he immediately turns into a grump. He begins complaining about this and that, and all the things that have been bothering him. His wife didn't say a thing before he began ranting~ actually, she was about to explain to him about the incredible day she had. It didn't matter though, because all he felt was negative emotion when looking at her.

Linking energy and emotion is real, and very powerful. The first thing he saw and listened to when he walked in the door for three days in a row was her negativity, so he was unknowingly being linked to her negative emotions. When he walked in the door on the fourth day, just looking at her turned him into a complaining machine. He didn't do this on purpose to "get back at her." This was totally an unconscious decision~ he was linked to her negativity. This happens all the time with couples, but very often goes unnoticed~ continuing a cycle of crap! 

If negativity can be linked, then positivity can definitely be passed along too. How different would our world be if we made it our top priority to link positive emotions to our neighbors?



Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your wife, I was hoping to read that she could control it, so I could ask how. my "wall" broke down. It isnt as a wonderful gift as it seems, not for everyone.

I hope your friend is doing well, I got lost on that part, you and he were energizing but i got the feeling he had the bad day.
Your 3day story was great but the guy used visual stimuli only to asscociate, seeing her put him in a bad mood. I guess everything is in the mental training, with proper training we can get energy from everywhere and turn it negitive or positive.
A photo of a loved one always puts us in a good mood.
Thanx coach. what you dont say is as helpful as what isnt.
All life is inspirational. good and bad. :D

Dayne Gingrich said...


I just asked my wife about her ability to control it. She said that she tries to always be "aware" of the feelings coming from others~ so they don't catch her off guard. Many times, she'll take herself OUT of the situation if it's too negative!

Matty said...

You are so right about positive and negative energy. I can sense it at home and at work.

And the linking really hits home here with me. I've had those types of days where I go from upbeat coming home to not even wanting to enter the house.

I may have her read this post.

Midnight Whisperer said...

Love how you made "her" the negative one *smirks* Because it would be the Wife who was doing all the nagging and bringing the man down *rolls eyes at computer screen* Great post ; ) Glad you decided to go ahead and write, If someone else gains from reading it then your "friend" effectively passed his energy through you to the person reached. Transference... Very Powerful.

Dayne Gingrich said...

I KNEW someone was going to hit me w/ the "why is the woman the negative one..." Damn, I was going to change that part too.

You're too funny!

PhillipaW said...

Love it.

An Open Heart said...

I'm going to let you off the hook for the wife being the negative energy..... ;-)

As for the linking of energy, I am totally on board with this FACT of life. The members of my family I referred to in my post literally could suck the life out of an entire party with their negative energy and I have to limit my time with them.....when I spend time with them, I try to feed back good, positive energy, but, then have to disengage in order to recharge. I always feel drained after time with them. On the flip side, I am fortunate enough to have really positive friends, who bring light and good energy to our relationships.

I am also tracking with you on the inspiration from your friends negative energy and the fact that he was willing to open up, even with his negative energy he was brave and I can totally see that being an inspiration. I love it when one of my friends shares something with me scary or painful, not because I relish them being in pain, but, because trust breeds positive energy.


Just Playin' said...

Thanks for visitng and for the birthday wishes! I like this post. I believe in energy but never thought about it linking. I've always said, "His energy got on me." Similar but not the same. Thanks again for the wishes.

plainolebob said...

Coach Dayne,
I was happy you used the woman, lol, jk.
Man i have always felt others energy, just thought i was weird, wait, i am weird.

Sarah said...

i have to be careful now about my energy...thanks for the reminder. :)


i so get this - i put this to use when i am interacting with the cashier at walmart or the order taker at mcdonald's - i try to put out the good vibes and hope it comes back to me

Emeraldstone said...

We would all be a little better of if we learned how to tune in and out of this gift. It is harder than it sounds.