Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Not Done!

I was born with something~ something that made me... umm... well... me... I'm not done.

I quickly learned when I was 16 months old that I loved to play with any kind of ball~ tennis, basket, base, soccer, and golf... I'm not done.

When I was in 3rd grade, I came to realize that I loved cheering for, and helping the underdog. I hated when others made fun of him... I'm not done.

Later that same year, it was made quite clear (by the kid who was picking on me) that I hated fighting.... I'm not done.

My teacher once told me that I wouldn't ever be good in math because I "wasn't given that gift." It made me sad and killed my confidence, but my dad always helped me... He's not done.

I've always competed at EVERYTHING with extreme passion, never quitting~ will never understand those who do quit... I'm not done.

I love to teach, but love to learn from those I teach even more.... I'm not done.

I've had the pleasure of battling self-consciousness and fear ~ and winning... I'm not done.

Ego has introduced himself, befriended and made me believe he's my master. I'm learning to laugh in his face, one day at a time... I'm not done.

Taking risks haven't been the priority in the past, but is slowly becoming one... I'm not done.

Quietly listening to those I disagree with has been a weakness, but is something that will be my strength... I'm not done.

My sleeves are covered in emotions that love to be shown off to the world. Sometimes, though, I shouldn't show the world... I'm not done.

Lately, I've been seen talking with Peace, Calm, and Rest... I'm not done.

Becoming successful has always been important, but defining that word has taken on a life of it's own... I'm not done.

My #1 goal of all time: Being the best husband and daddy I know how to be. Liane and Logan are who I wake up for in the morning...

I'll never be done!


Critical+Technical said...

Truly inspiring Dayne.
Im not done either!

A Woman Made of Dust said...

"Quietly listening to those I disagree with has been a weakness, but is something that will be my strength..."

Fantastic, I totally agree! I've always found it funny what the definition of "open-minded" actually means. In my experience it always boils down to something along the lines of, "I'm open-minded to the opinions and facts I agree with, and ignore or make fun of those I don't believe in, all the while sneering about 'closed-minded' people."

Curious how, somewhere along the lines, the two came to mean the same thing, yet those who are the perpetrators are completely oblivious to it.


Nauthiz said...

Beautiful, again. Its always good to see people realizing that life is one of those neverending processes. We're never done, and we're foolish to think that we are.
Well done.

LookingForNormal said...

This was a great post! But like a movie that you really have to watch I think that I may need to read it several times because there are so many good things to get out of it. I guess I could write them down and put on my frig. lol. I like the one about listening. I really need to work on that I don't know if its because I'm always so anxious but I really do cut my kids etc. off when they are talking. Maybe on purpose. lol. No I need to work on it.

kdragon74 said...

Great post! Lots of food for thought.

Thank you.

Clair :)

plainolebob said...

Coach Dayne, I am sooooooo old, and I am not done either, I guess when you git the ole attitude, you never lose it, and I have always had that attitude.
LOL guess you just can't take the bite outta an ole dog, just let em rest and give em love, they ain't done.
Great read.
Bess says hi.

spldbch said...

"My sleeves are covered in emotions that love to be shown off to the world. Sometimes, though, I shouldn't show the world."

I love the way you put this -- it's so eloquent.

None of us are ever done. We never "arrive" where we want to be in life. Even if we get where we want to be life will inevitably change and we will have to change with it. Great post!

Calli said...

Dayne~ What an amazing post! So inspiring! I got goose bumps on that one...

You are so blessed, we are all blessed!
We are all not done!

Thank you so much for your words today!! :)

Midnight Whisperer said...

Dayne, the roles have reversed - I truly FELT this as if they were my own words (aside from the husband/daddy part) I felt the determination in your words as if you were shouting them to me... and I loved it! Great Post!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Another amazing post. With so many inspirational blogs out there, this one truly inspires. Thanks

Tanya said...

What a nice post. I think a lot of times we give ourselves credit for something we have done and check it off the list, instead of continuing with it. There is always more to be done, and sometimes its nice to have a reminder of that, so thanks!


Better Man said...

Dayne, you really hit right on the nail. We all need to ask why. If we don't then we will never learn. I found your blog to be a very up building and thought provoking. I defiantly a follower and I look forward to your future post.