Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They're Everywhere...

... Glimpses of what could be if we let down, become lazy, get cocky or arrogant, and think "it'll" never happen to us. Reminders are always there... reminding us!

"Hi, my name is Divorce, and I'm just around the corner if you settle for less than you deserve."

"What's up? You've seen me here and there~ I'm Poor Health, both physical and emotional."

"Remember me? I haven't been around for awhile, but I'm coming back because you've ignored my big brother, Selfless. Yep, it's me... Mr. Selfish! Good to see you again."

"My master, Poor Health wanted me to stop by real quick and shake your hand. Just wanted you to know I'm always there if you need me. Cigarette is what I go by."

"I've noticed you've lost your smile lately~ thank goodness... I've always hated that dude! Feel free to stop by and say hi to Anger, Grudge, Hate, Jealousy, and our biggest success... Fear."

"Don't listen to those guys~ Fear is definitely popular, but I'm the biggest winner against confidence and true happiness. A lot has been written about me, and how to defeat me, yet most still fail to recognize their power against me. Ego's my name, and controlling human decisions and mindsets is my game!"

I think it's safe to say we've all met these villains many times in our lives... some of us live every day, feeling dominated by their perceived powers, while others are attempting to release their grip from our wrists... looking for reminders strong enough to snap their tight hold~ they exist everywhere, and come in all shapes, sizes and colors! I was recently reminded how good my "bad" really is by two homeless people and a teenager who was holding his hand out in desperation. 

These reminders are all around us, but unfortunately often wear disguises, reminding us how easy it would be to fall back into old habits that once kept us from achieving. They knock on our doors, dress nicely, smile big and promise to make dreams come true. Our dilemma  will always be trying to differentiate  between the reminders that want to destroy us, and those that truly hope to help.

It could be the older woman in the grocery store who's asking for help, or maybe the husband and wife with their brand new baby boy, walking past us on the street. It might be the couple who just can't get along, fighting about nothing... yet fighting about everything. It's irrelevant what it is that reminds us to stay on "our path"~ It should be about keeping our eyes open for those hints.

In conclusion, let me remind myself to remind you to look for those reminders that will remind you to stay discipline!


Say again...


Patrice S. said...

Absolutely true Dayne!!
Thanks for the reminder :)


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Valuable thoughts, Dayne. Thank you.

Midnight Whisperer said...

Then what? I am reminded more often than I like, of the "villians" who refuse to be forgotten. And most of them are easily defeated for me. I can swallow Fear down and use it to my advantage, I can keep Ego in its place, and I have no problems dealing with Grudge, Jealousy, and Hate. I do not have nor allow time for Selfish and I proudly confront Bad Health with ferocity. But Anger has become an intimate friend. I do not need to be reminded of Anger's presence, because lately, he is always near. I like to think that having him around makes me better at what I do, makes me stronger on the outside while tearing me down internally. What can I do about that? Continue to use it or try and defeat it. I don't even know if I want to anymore, or if I can. Because the simple reminders that let me know of Anger's presence only infuriate me more.

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

King of making me think on a spiritual note here..
sort of like listening to that little inner voice and acting when you hear it!

Seems like the more I do more than just listen.. and act.. the more i hear that little voice..??

Dayne Gingrich said...

Patrice~ You're welcome... which reminds me...

Bonnie~ Thank YOU for taking the time to come over and read a little.

Midnight~ The point of the post (which I may not have explained well enough) was that we're getting reminded of both the bad and good... Anger, for YOU, seems to be your biggest demon, but there are reminders of why anger doesn't HAVE to dominate (which is what I didn't write enough about I guess). When we feel the anger, "then what" should be our focus. Thanks for a very good reply!

Carissa~ Acting on those voices will open our eyes to more, making us need to act even more... and the cycle continues! Action = awakening = more action.

Midnight Whisperer said...

You did explain rather well and I believe I understood... I think I was more or less sending out a plea for help and tried to place that burden on you. I apologize. I am facing a great darkness right now and should not have tainted your post with my personal battle. I know it is mine to fight alone. In truth, I was more asking myself "then what" rather than asking you.

plainolebob said...

Coach Dayne,
man i just remembered a lot of what i forgot, a good thing too, those guys you mentioned especiall that bad health guy are are on the run from my posse. great read.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Dayne, Great post as always! I usually act first, then spend the rest of my time beating myself up about what I should have done!
You know that I don't like to talk about my personal experiences on here, but I wish that I had the courage to do so.
Thinking of you!

spldbch said...

I love how you personify and externalize problems. I think it helps people to realize that "I am not my problem" or "my problem does not define who I am."

Great post -- and thanks for the reminder.

Jamie Nicole said...

This is a great outlook on the barriers placed by man. We all have these reminders around us, the only difference is those who are willing to recognize the ones we let invade. Dayne you're amazing my friend.
Jamie Nicole

PhillipaW said...

This really gives us something to think about. I hope you don't mind, but I made a reference to you and this post on my blog. Just let me know if you want me to take it off.


lifechick said...

Another great post, Dayne. It's important to recognize those reminders when they appear, so that we don't fall back into old (bad) habits!