Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's That-A-Way

"I learned to walk towards the good, rather than away from the bad."

-Andre Agassi
(Talking about his escape from Crystal Meth.)

Very often, we attempt to quit something by focusing on "stopping" what we're doing, instead of concentrating on the future replacement. It's instinct to think we must "try to lose weight," or "stop smoking," rather than saying "I want to become healthier..." When we focus our minds on what we don't want, we make ourselves think more about what we don't want... perpetuating the negative cycle. What do we want?

Agassi has recently admitted to being incredibly unhappy throughout most of his life, resulting in drug use and divorce. When asked how he overcame this Meth. habit, he said it was all about focusing on what he wanted, rather than the things that were making him unhappy. He eventually learned to "walk towards something," rather than fighting the negatives that were making him miserable.

How often do we concentrate on all the things we don't want or don't have, instead of those goals we need? Again, it's totally natural and instinctive to try and change what's holding us back... but we must begin to look at what we want, and make that our 100% focus. I'm as guilty as anyone, when it comes to allowing the negative to creep into my life, but I'm improving every day.

Are you?

If not, will you?


plainolebob said...

Coach Dayne,
and some times we just can't remember

plainolebob said...

Coach check this out

Slimming Sammy said...

I think for me, this is what I started to do this year. Even though I was still really very overweight and shy. I always wanted to sing on stage so even though I was petrified I got up there and started to sing the songs I had written. Its been getting easier and as i've lost weight its become even more fun as I feel better about myself.
I think its all about recognising that we have a choice. Some people say that their lives are out of ther control or that their choices were already made for them, but really if you realise that you are making the decsions about you, then I think that helps you a lot in your resolve

Beautiful Dreamer said...

Wonderful post! It is so true, focusing on the negatives in our lives will only make us depressed, unless they move us to action. My motto is: If this thought/feeling/situation is helpful and moves me to action and takes me closer to my goals than I will allow room for it. If it isn't helpful then the thought/feeling/situation is not worth wasting time on it!

Beautiful Dreamer

Calli said...

So true and I for one am guilty of such.
Love how you so succinctly write your posts and are able to express your message.
A wonderful reminder, indeed!

Thank you, Dayne~ Have a great weekend~

spldbch said...

You're right of course. It's sort of like the law of attraction -- whatever you focus on is what is drawn to you. (I couldn't make it through that book but I'm sure there is at least some merit to the idea).

The hard part for me right now is figuring out what it is I want...

Write Right Where You "R" said...

Amen! I keep dealing with the "weight," just like this! I know what to eat, I follow that, and then get distracted! Almost a year ago, I stopped eating meat, and feel so much better, but it's the bagels and cream cheese (and other carbs) that has me bound! I just keep thinking about the few extra years tacked onto my life if I can get the eating thing in perspective!
Enjoy that beautiful family of yours this weekend!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Very good advice and a wonderful post. Where were you 1988! Could of used you back then :)

Missy said...

What a different approach to our sins. I like it. I will have to work on rewording my thoughts and actions to focus on working towards the goal.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

I love, love, love this post! Giving you a shout out on my blog! Thanks

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