Friday, January 8, 2010

Live In The Why

To those of you who are looking for a New and Better, and visit CoachYourMind because you're in need of a kick in the arse or just a simple reminder... I have a challenge for you:

Think of that Better Road you wish for yourself, and ask why you want to travel that direction. After you've answered that simple question, throw it in the garbage and ask again. This time, go deeper!

Begin living in the Why...

This Why won't allow lack of motivation to enter any part of your day. This Why is the reason you were born, and the gift you'll give back when you leave. Your new Why can't be lazy and doesn't understand "too tough to continue." I'd say this Why is bullet proof, but that wouldn't do it justice.

I hear you responding now:

"Dayne, my Why is already strong enough. I've improved (X) amount already... look at my new and different (X)."

"New and different" is relative, and easy to attain... just matters what you're comparing it to. I'm not talking about the simple Why, I'm mean that Why you've only heard others whispering about.

Ever wake up too tired to do (X)? If yes, then your Why needs reevaluating. Does that piece of chocolate cake make you question your (X)? If so, give that Why a harsh talking-to. Does your best friend or close family member make your Why hold on to question marks, due to the impossible task of your (X)? Yeah? Your Why may need some Human Growth Hormones.

When we find our true Why, nothing is too tiring, too choco-liscious, or impossible. This type of Why feeds the adrenaline pumping through our veins, and is what keeps our eyes open in the middle of the night, searching for even more ways to accomplish our (X)!

This Why isn't easy to find, and isn't supposed to be. If you answered the initial question in the beginning of this post within 15 minutes, your Why isn't strong enough. I know I'll probably get some heat for that last accusation, but that's o.k... because after you're done yelling at me, you may just secretly look for a deeper, new Why. I can take that kind of heat, as long as passion is connected, and a new mindset becomes a possibility.

This is my challenge for you. Are you up to it? I don't guarantee much, but I will here:

You'll soon discover that when you say, "Why"... it'll no longer be a question!!


Dree said...

Wow, I love this post! I am definitely going to be thinking about the Why. Thank you!

Hovito89 said...

Thank You so much for the post you put on my blog.. It wasn't an easy way out for me.. But it definately is worth pursuing.. I'll definately keep you updated.. As for this post.. It's ironic how well it relates to my current situation. I'll need to do some soul searching.. Because right now.. I don't have a "Why" to question.. But i will. I'll stay tuned. Thank You!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Love this post! I really have to work on my "why's" so this was a fabulous reminder!


Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

a very old friend of mine has a technique that he used on me several years ago when i was trying to pass my driving test, he sat me down and asked me "why?" every answer I gave was followed by another "Why?" we talked for several hours hashing through all the whys? and I've now held my driving licensce for over 10years