Sunday, January 3, 2010

Money... Need Any? Happy Without?

Happy New Year to you and your family! I want to first give a big thank you for taking the time to visit Coach Your Mind ~ much appreciated. To those who have commented, an even bigger thank you, knowing how much time this can take, especially doing this on multiple blogs. I appreciate all feedback, as this is the only way improvement can be made. Health and happiness to you in 2010 and beyond!

Let me begin with two questions, as I believe answers can't be found until we ask those important questions...

~Do we need money in order to be happy?
~Who believes yes/no?

Where I live, we have two complete opposite ways of living... from the many homeless sleeping under Fig trees, to the supreme wealthy who haven't heard yet that our economy is on a downswing. By having these two extremes, I've heard and seen both sides of the coin, and more importantly, have experienced a little of both. My parents divorced when I was young, and fortunately (or unfortunately ~ my choice), I've been taught to believe the answer to the above question is both 'yes' and 'no.'

Are those without money the people who preach, "money doesn't make us happy?" Do they say this because they tried and failed to become wealthy, or have they found that true inner peace? Are they jealous of those who have brought home the green, watching them experience certain freedoms, secretly wishing those same freedoms would walk in their front door someday?

Are the families with the 6500 sq. ft. homes, 3 Mercedes and 1 useless Hummer parked in the driveway saying that without such wealth, they'd still be happy? Are they even "happy" to begin with? Would either trade places for a year or two? I believe with all of my soul that the poor, preaching the money doesn't make us happy gospel, would trade their life in a millisecond... whereas the rich wouldn't even consider that option, happy or not.

I completely understand that 'true happiness' can only begin from within... but why not have both? Am I going to teach Logan that total peace comes from your soul, but you can't have an overflowing bank account?

Taking our morning walk and listening to Logan talk to herself (most likely trying to disprove the Theory Of Relativity), I couldn't help but look up at those gorgeous homes and ask myself these types of questions... as it seems to have been burning a hole through my core since I was very young. "Does money make us happy? Would I be happier without it, or can I have both?" I think the reason I've struggled with this question stems from listening and watching the tug-o-war between both parents, as they've tried to prove to me why their answer was the correct one.

I guess that's the greatest part of any question... there are many different answers.

What's yours?


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Love the post and really puts things into perspective!

Happy New Year!

Betty said...

I can totally relate to your post.To all points you have out-lined. Very thought-provoking post!
Have a very happy new year!

Deborah said...

This is always a topic in my house. I feel money can make life easier, but not happier.
Being happy comes from within. I'm convinced on that.
This is a nice post and again, a good one to bring up at dinner time for a family discussion!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Money can't bring us happiness, but it can make life easier. I grew up in a home with very little money, but parents who valued education and saved what little they could to put myself and my sibling through college. If I didn't go to college, I most likely would be working in a dead end job, if at all, in this economy. Because of the education, I was able to work in a field that brought me happiness and satisfaction. This is just one example of how money can LEAD to a happier life. However, ultimately, it is up to us to find happiness within our means.

Anonymous said...

Just because a rich person would not want to become poor, and a poor person would want to become rich has nothing to do with happiness. Having money makes life easier, and that is why a rich person would not want to trade with a poor person, but it has nothing to do with happiness, i can have a fully loaded wallet and be depressed about life or have absolutely no money and be thrilled with what else is happening around me, money is never necessary for happiness

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! and for such a sweet comment.

I LOVE your blog! What a great post!! In my opinion, being financially stable makes for an easier life. When you dont have to worry about paying your every day bills or where your next meal will come from has to be a good feeling. Now happiness to me can not be brought with money. Having money can bring temporary happiness but having family and friends that love and cherish you will bring you long term happiness. Just because money makes life easier doesn't mean it brings you happiness. Well at least that's my opinion. :-)

Oh and your daughter is absolutely adorable. She is a doll baby!!

Christine said...

Good post. Money doesn't make me happy-- but if I had lots of it I wouldn't be buying cars or vacations-- I'd be helping to get orphans adopted and adopting a few more myself! Sadly, it takes lots of money to do things like this. But I guess it is the price we have to pay-- kinda like how much Jesus paid for our sins. Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Hey great post! I believe Money can buy things to make you happy like trips to Disney World with your family - but is it a must have for happiness? No. You must have it to buy food, and shelter, and water, and heat - but you do not have to have a multi-million dollar house to be happy! It's all about living frugal! Thanks for the post! Great inspiration!

Sarah said...

yes, you can have both. just remember money can't buy happiness, then you are really rich.

Gem said...

I'm going to be controversial here and say that money does make you happy. Not to buy extra things, giant houses, big holidays etc. But money is the commodity in this world, whether we like it or not. We need it for freedom of travel, freedom of expression to some extent, not to mention our basics. And as our money goes up, so will our freedom to do whatever we want, to an extent.
Just ask someone in a lot of debt how they would feel if overnight they were FREE of it. It's not money for luxuries, it's money for freedom, and in general, the freedom that money brings will make you happy. And free to find the happiness within your soul, not work every hour of the day in order to get by.

Awesome post, really got me thinking :)


Bendigo said...

I don't really think it's so cut and dry. Money allows for security, and security allows us to relax and enjoy our lives a little bit more in my opinion. If I'm not worried so much about paying the power bill then I can spend a bit more time enjoying the ball game with my kids.

I also think it's a little more personal. Some people don't seem to want or need those "basic necessities" that sociey has outlined and so for them, maybe money isn't the same priority.

I guess while it doesn't buy happiness for me, it does allow me to live happier than without it.

Good post...

Dayne Gingrich said...

Great comments!

I definitely go both ways, as I've lived in both worlds. There's no doubt I'm "happier" (whatever that means) when I have money. Does this make me shallow? Does it mean I have a lot of inner growth to be found? Am I looking for happiness in the wrong places?

Maybe to all questions... I don't have the answers yet, and probably never will ~ but the searching sure is fun. I definitely feel more freedom, resulting in some sort of happiness when I have money... but I also know that without inner peace, I'm very 'poor.'

Both! Both! Both! That should be our search?