Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'd Like You To Meet...

Today, I bring you a package with a question inside.

Let me introduce myself...

Most of you know me, some of you know exactly where you met me, but quite often I sneak up and become a fun little tag-a-long.

I love letting you think it's possible to accomplish your dreams, yet popping my head into your day just in time to make you think twice. My goals don't, and can't coexist with yours, so I make sure I do everything in my power to see your goals die. Without me, you'd be... well... I actually don't even want to say the words out loud, in fear you'd discover your true potential. Without me, you'd feel... nope, sorry... still can't give you that kind of power.

Close your eyes, visualize your most powerful motivations, and focus on you at your absolute best. Moments before you realize that "best," I stop by, knock on the door, and introduce myself again. Often, I'll just hang out for a small amount of time -- just to help lose the inspiration you once felt. You see, if I appeared 24 hours/day (and sometimes I will), I'd kill all of your insides... all of your core beliefs and wishes at once. I don't like to to destroy so quickly. I tend to enjoy sneaking up on you, especially if I feel you've lowered your guard and become more secure in your skin. I'll stay up late at night, plotting my attack, hoping to squash what's left of your self esteem and confidence. If you're the mentally tough type, my job becomes a bit more difficult, but I feel I can always find that sliver of me hiding inside of you, waiting to come alive.

Fortunately for me, most of you don't stand a chance -- mainly because you've never been taught how to defend against me. Sure, you can read books, but the best learning experience is through real life battles... you vs. me... over and over, day after day!

Many martial arts masters believe our best weapon is the non violence we hold inside, waiting to defend against me. I'm (as with most of my kind) an illusion. Don't get me wrong, when I grab ahold, it's real... but my strength is never as powerful as people make it out to be.

As the Aikido Master would say about himself: 

"My biggest weapon is the strength I attain from my enemies."

I only have a lock on your life if you say I do. The moment you say I don't... I don't!

Who am I? 

Whatcha gonna do about it?


Erica said...

You are doubt. You knock at the door, trying to encroach on confidence's territory. Discretely, you dismantle the unsuspecting victims until they have nothing left but the ghost of what once was. Doubt is like AIDS, it doesn't directly destroy you, but it leaves the door wide open for other diseases to finish what it's started.

The power doubt has is only as strong as we let it become. Thank you for showing that to me today Dayne :)

Rettakat said...

Wow... I was going to day it is either doubt or fear. But after reading Erica's powerful answer, I am leaning to doubt.

Because I just lived through two tough days. And she is right... doubt opens the door, and I found my house crowded, with all these unsavory characters having a party! Creeps like frustration, fear, sadness, and that shirt-tailed relative named Oh-what's-the-use.

I had to turn off the music and kick them all out... the party's over.

This was a very thought-provoking post, and I loved Erica's answer!

Sandra said...

Thank you.

Enz said...

Powerful reminder!!!

I can almost hear Jack Sh*t turning the lyrics of Sympathy for the Devil in to Sympathy for Doubt!

Sarah said...

self doubt? negative thoughts?

Matty said...

You are right Dayne. Doubt only has power if we allow it.

Anonymous said...

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